The Riverside City College Child Development Laboratory School (RCC-CDLS) is a learning resource for many educational disciplines such as early childhood studies, psychology, sociology, nursing, and dental departments. Our lab school is a teacher training facility that provides young children with an academic environment that encourages a wide​ range of early academic & developmental skills.

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Why do we PLAY all day?

Our philiosophy is based on Piaget's Theory of Cognitive Development. Children are able develop problem-solving, planning, organizational, & social skills through play. When children are freely able to decide his/her area of interest & amount of time spent working at each center, they will be able to develop their attention span. Children development and learn at their own pace!

Our Learning Centers include:

Cognitive: ​ one-to-one correspondence, classification, numeracy, patterning, sequencing, & set theory   ​ Cognitive Center.jpg
Science: Measurement, reaso​​ning, cause & effect, & investigative skills Slide14.JPG
Literacy Center: Early writing skills, left-to-right orientation, print awareness, phonological development, print carries meaning, vocabulary expansion, & literacy strategies
Isaac and Rachel Literacy.jpg
Manipulative:  Developing/refining fine motor skills IMG_02691.jpg
Art:  Creative self-expression, creative wonders, & beauty of nature Slide44.JPG
Dramatic Play:  Pretend play, "trying on roles," social development, symbolic play, creative drama, & imagination & fantasy IMG_0647.jpg
Block Center: Spatial awareness, cause & effect, mapping, & physical properties Slide102.JPG
​ Cozy Corner: Self-reflection, materials for comfort, & relaxation Abby and Lily Cozy Corner.jpg
Outside Play:  ​ Motor development, exploration, cooperation, & appreciation of nature Slide182.JPG
Music​ ​Fine development, hand-eye coordination, patience, rhythm, culture & diversity Grace Music.jpg

Our learning centers and teachers promote diversity awareness in an authentic way. Our curriculum is designed for optimal growth in social and emotional development as well as Kindergarten readiness.