Lab Rules and Policies​​

  • You must be enrolled in a CIS, CAT, CSC, ACCT
    class to use the lab
  • Most classes come with 18 hours of lab time
  • The computers are to be used for schoolwork
  • No loud conversations
  • No food or drinks are permitted
  • No personal software may be installed on any computer
  • No chat rooms, or objectional websites
  • No children unless they are currently enrolled RCC students
  • No cell phone calls
  • Students may print up to 15 pages per day for CIS, CAT, CSC, or ACCT coursework only
  • Students enrolled in a CIS, CAT, CSC, or ACCT class are allowed to use the computers in both MLK 219 and MLK 220. However, MLK 220 is a multi-purpose room and some CCC classes may be scheduled to use this room. Students are allowed to use MLK 220 when there is not a class in session but may be asked to move to MLK 219 when a class does meet.