In-plant Printing

Students receive the benefit of training in the RCCD Printing & Graphics Center (P&GC), providing real-world experience in a functioning print production facility. An In-Plant printing operation is a printing service inside a non-printing organization. In-Plant operations have a vested interest in their organization's success. These organizations include large corporations, businesses of varying sizes, educational institutions, and local, state, and national government sites. The RCCD P&GC offers design, print, wide format, and a variety of finishing process including padding, coil binding, folding, etc. The department website is located at

What is the benefit of RCCD's in-plant operation?

    •    Cost savings from purchasing leverage results in lower costs for all printed materials. The
             P&GC charges District clients for materials only, at a fraction of outside costs. A typical color
             copy at FedEX Office will cost $.59 each. The P&GC only charges $.05 per color copy.
    •    Manage projects to meet college identity (branding) guidelines.
    •    Customer Service – Vested interested in the success of the organization – Offer cost saving
             strategies for projects, etc.

    •    Location - Accessibility provides convenience and responsiveness with no delays in initiating

    •    Value added services - The P&GC offers a variety of services including design, offset and
             digital color printing, and wide-format printing. Finishing services include cutting, padding,
             drilling, comb and GBC binding, mounting on foam board and laminating. Specialty services
             include buttons, bottle openers, mirror magnets, and key chains.

    •    Business knowledge - The P&GC staff is made up of design and print specialists. Rely on
             them to give you the best advice and final produced projects. If your project is destined for
             outside production, involve the P&GC staff to ensure successful production of the project 
             at the best possible price.
    •    Confidentiality.
    •    Trust.