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We live in a visual world. Every day we are bombarded with photographic media: newspapers, magazines, television and motion pictures – all visual images competing to capture our attention. Some pictures enlighten and educate us; some pictures bring us the news; others show us products to make our world a better place to live. And, of course, many photographs bring back memories of family and friends, holidays and special events, and places we’ve seen or visited.

Photography is one of the most exciting, vital, and revolutionary fields being offered at RCC today. The discipline is being redefined by the digital revolution. But the basic foundations of classical photographic processes remain fundamental to a sound understanding of the discipline.

The course work provides a strong foundation in the use of digital and conventional film technology. In addition to the familiar 35 mm format, students will become acquainted with professional camera using medium format and 4 x 5 film. A solid training in conventional darkroom techniques enhances appreciation for the technology of digital photography. The arts of composition and photographic lighting are revisited in each course to make the student aware of how photography is distinguished from other visual disciplines. Riverside Community College has an outstanding staff of teachers, most of whom are working professionals in the field of photography. Students benefit from the wide variety of styles and experiences of this talented group of instructors.

The photography program at RCC is part of the Applied Technology Department. It is the only program in the Inland Empire with a clear commitment to preparing students to find jobs in the photographic field. Whether our graduates enter the workplace right out of college or go on to other photography schools, Riverside Community College is an outstanding place to start a photographic career.

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