Program Description

The air conditioning & refrigeration program provides a great opportunity for career development for people who enjoy working with their hands, using tools, and working to understand and correct problems that may occur in an air conditioning and refrigeration system. The program encompasses many facets of air conditioning & refrigeration including the theoretical basis of simple refrigeration systems and a progression into more complicated units. Students will learn proper repair techniques such as the correct use of standard and specialized hand tools and equipment, use of oxyacetylene and other torches, piping, mechanical troubleshooting, tube cutting and bending, and common soldering methods. Training will also cover electrical schematics, using meters and other instruments, electrical troubleshooting, and E.P.A. required refrigerant recovery and recycling methods.

The air conditioning & refrigeration program offers an associate in science degree or certificate upon completion.

Instructional Pathway and Certificates​

Please see the program detail here​ for more information on Air Conditioning and Refrigeration.  ​

For more information regarding the program, please call Frank Pearson (951) 222-8228 or email him at

Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Program Cost​s and Gainful Employment Disclosure​​

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