​Learning Objectives

​The Learning Objectives form serves three basic purposes:

  • It is a record of the specific objectives that the student has selected for the current semester.
  • It is a record of how well the student has accomplished these objectives. This rating is given by a representative of the firm or agency for which the student works and is used by the student as a self-evaluation. The instructor rating is recorded in the official school records as the student's grade for the course.
  • It is the employer's certification of the average number of hours that a student works each week.
The first thing a student should do is decide on two very specific things to strive to learn on the job. These two objectives must be very specific so the student can measure their achievement. At the same time, the objectives must be something that can be finished by the end of the semester. The following are some guidelines to assist students in writing two learning objectives.
Categories of Learning Objectives
  • Routine Duties: Is there room for improvement in routine or daily tasks?
  • Problem Solving: Is there a problem to be solved that will exhibit measurable results?
  • Creative Goals: Can new policies or procedures be developed that will result in saving time, materials, or costs?
  • Personal Goals: Can improvements be made in relations with co-workers or supervisors?
Writing the Objectives
  • Start off with an action verb.
  • Examples are write, operate, revise, apply, assemble, select, develop, report, install, increase, etc.
  • Be careful of words like: understand, learn, know, or appreciate. It is very difficult to measure how well a student achieves these things.
  • Add the standards which a student will strive to achieve.
  • The standards describe how well a student will be able to perform the stated objectives in order to be acceptable. They should usually specify the minimum acceptable skill level or accomplishment.
  • Standards might include such statements as: improve by 95%, not more than once each day, within twenty minutes, etc.
  • Statements such as "to acceptable industrial standards" are only acceptable if those standards are generally known throughout the specified industry and/or are recorded in an accessible text or location.
Examples of Objectives
  • I will develop five recommendations for reducing equipment failure rates this semester.
  • I will design an instrument for testing the quality of used spark plugs this semester.
  • I will devise a faster method for analyzing computer printouts this semester
  • I will reduce my math errors on job tickets to not more than four per month this semester.
  • I will analyze safety practices and writing a report detailing specific improvements this semester.
  • I will develop techniques for reducing wasted materials this semester.
  • I will increase production of gussets to 12 per hour this semester.
  • I will increase my speed in minor engine tune-up by 10% without loss of efficiency this semester.
  • I will reduce down time by 5% through improved parts ordering procedures this semester.
  • I will increase my monthly sales totals by making five more calls per week this semester.
  • I will describe in writing the methods for quality control used in the print shop this semester.
  • I will design a system for production control in the shop this semester.
  • I will decrease the time required to install color picture tubes by 20% without compromising safety this semester.