​Conference/Evaluation Explanation

As part of the total work experience program, the instructor/coordinator is required to consult with a student's supervisor on the job at least once during the semester. This helps to more accurately evaluate the student and assist in solving job related problems. In addition, the instructor/coordinator is charged with the responsibility of assuring that the workstation qualifies for participation in the program.
There is no reason for a student to be concerned about this visit. The instructor/coordinator will be very tactful. He will do nothing to damage a student's image with their supervisor, in fact, the exact opposite usually occurs. If there is some aspect this visit that disturbs a student, they should discuss it with the instructor/coordinator before the visit.

In rare instances, the instructor cannot visit the actual job site. One possible deterrent is industrial or military security. If a student believes their job fits this category, the student should discuss it with the instructor/coordinator. He/she may be able to make other arrangements with the supervisor that will still allow them to qualify for work experience.

One way a student can help the instructor is by drawing a map and giving them instructions on how to find the job site. Another way to help is to discuss this requirement with the supervisor ahead of time. The supervisor may have some specific ideas about the visit that can be relayed to the instructor.

Remember: The basic reason for this requirement is so that the instructor can better help the student cope with their work.

Conference/Evaluation Form: Student Conference

At least once each semester the instructor/coordinator is required to have a personal conference with the student. This is in addition to any classroom lectures or conferences the student may have about their related schoolwork. The purpose of this personal conference is to discuss the work experience program and the student's participation in it. The instructor may wish to discuss the student's progress and any job related problems that the student may be having. Students should be prepared to ask questions or discuss anything they feel may help.