Application A Form

​The Application for Enrollment form assists the instructor in placing the student in the appropriate section of work experience.  All students are moved from their enrolling class section into either General or Occupational Work Experience.  This placement does affect the class meeting time or instructor but is the official class that will appear on the student's record.  Four key questions help the instructor determine the proper placement.  They are:

  • How many units of work experience will you be taking this semester?  Students enroll in a general enrolment work experience class at the beginning of the semester and are then placed in either Occupational Work Experience Education or General Work Experience Education.  Students may take between one (1) to four (4) units of Occupational Work Experience, based upon the number of hours the student is working.  General Work Experience Education is offered ONLY as a three-unit class.
  • How many semesters of work experience have you already completed? A student can earn up to four (4) units per semester for a maximum of four (4) semesters during their enrollment at RCC.
  • What major area of work experience will you be taking this semester? Students may take either General Work Experience Education or select a specific Occupational Work Experience major area.  Major areas can be found on page two of this Handbook.
  • Are you a veteran? Students who answer "yes" to this question should be aware that VA benefits are not paid to students for enrollment in General Work Experience, therefore, veteran students should BE SURE to indicate a specific major area (see questions 3 above).