Pathway to Law School

Riverside City College is one of the original 24 (now 28) community colleges in California selected for an initiative program sponsored by The State Bar of California’s Council on Access and Fairness (COAF) and CA Law, Inc. This initiative is designed to create a pathway for students to attend one of eight of California’s most prestigious undergraduate institutions and their respective law schools:

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University of California, Berkeley and UCBerkeley School of Law 
University of California, Davis and UC Davis School of Law 
University of California, Irvine and UC Irvine School of Law 
University of California, Los Angeles and UCLA School of Law 
University of Southern California, and USC Gould School of Law 
Loyola Marymount University and Loyola Law School 
University of San Francisco and USF School of Law
Santa Clara University and Santa Clara University School of Law

If you are interested in becoming a Pathway to Law School participant please complete this application
Pathway to Law School - 2 Year Contract.pdf, or if you have any questions, please contact Dr. Judon at 951-222-8820.​

Instructional Pathway

Please see the program detail here​ for the Pathway to Law School

Career Possibilities​

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  • Lawyer

  • Judge

  • Mediator

  • Paralegal

  • Secretary

  • Consultant

  • Court Administrator

  • Governmental Administrator

  • Politician

  • Legal Educator

Conta​ct Us​

LaNeshia Judon, J.D.

Don Ajené Wilcoxson, MBA
(951) 222-8175​​​​​