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Q. Is there a mandatory workshop that I must attend?
A. No. All applications to the Cosmetology program are done via web site.

Q. If I am not accepted by lottery the first time, do I need to apply to Cosmetology again?
A. Yes! Each Cosmetology application period requires all applicants to apply each time and your RCC application must be current for the term.

Q. If I have applied before, do I have a better chance of being accepted.
A. Students who have continuous applications will be considered for priority.
Q. If I live in another county can I be accepted to the program?
A. Yes, however; Riverside county residents have priority over any applicant living in another county.

Q. Can I call the department to see if I have been accepted?
A. Due to the high volume of applicants, all calls concerning acceptance or alternate status will not be returned until after the processing period. Accepted and Alternate will be contacted. If you have not received an acceptance EMAIL or alternate call by the 15th of the month following application period please call 951-222-8182 and Cosmetology will return your call.

Q. What is the alternate list?
A. To ensure that the program accepts as many applicants possible an alternate list is created. This list will include the next applicants available and is generated by the priority and lotto prioritization process. Applicants will be chosen if any of the accepted applicants cannot attend on the first day of class.

Q. If I am chosen as an alternate, do I have priority for next available class?
A. No. Alternates will be prioritized as all other students.

Contact Information
Phone: 951-222-8182