Cosmetology Instructor Training

COS-61A & B - Cosmetology Instructor Training (16 units)

Prerequisite: Completion of 1600 hours of cosmetology training or equivalent. Courses will be taken in alphabetical sequence regardless which semester enrollment begins. This course is offered for the experienced cosmetologist to become a qualified cosmetology instructor. Training consists of theory and principles of effective teaching methods including: lesson planning, oral presentations, methods of evaluation, test construction, audio visual equipment operation. Emphasis is placed on preparation for job placement in a California Community College Cosmetology Program. Subsequent enrollment in Section B will provide the student an opportunity for additional skill and competency development within the subject matter. 600 hours lecture/demonstration/laboratory.

How to Apply

Start at the RCCD website and follow instructions for student application to RCCD. The application for acceptance to the Cosmetology Instructor Training Program is like any standard course offering at RCCD. The Instructor program is not impacted and therefore has no special processes for application.