The application for acceptance to the Cosmetology and Esthetician Programs is a two application process.

Follow the steps below to apply for RCC’s Cosmetology or Esthetician Programs:


Students can now apply for all of next year’s semesters as early as October 1 of the year before.

Example: Students can apply for 2018 spring, 2018 summer and 2018 fall as early as October 1, 2017.


Students must have an RCC application on file for the semester applying for and must select Cosmetology as Intended Major. Also, Riverside City College (RCC) must be designated home school.


Once student has submitted the RCC online application at, student must wait 3 business days to receive an email with assigned RCC student ID number. Please read this email carefully, as there are more steps required in order to complete the RCC application. If applicant is a new college student, student must complete online orientation, schedule and take an assessment test and submit first semester education plan in order to register for the course and receive any financial aid assistance.


Students can also complete the online Financial Aid (FASFA) application at by clicking on the Financial Aid link. Here students will see the Financial Aid application at the top right. Be sure to complete the Financial Aid application as early as October 1st of each year, as long as the student is a college student.




Students interested in applying for the Cosmetology or Esthetician Programs must submit a second application under the Supplemental Applications section located in student’s RCC student account listed as the Cosmetology application. The second Cosmetology application is for both Cosmetology and Esthetician Programs.  Please know that the second Cosmetology/Esthetician application is only available 15 days out of the entire year, see below for details:


If applying for the fall semester, which begins in August, student must submit the second application during the third Monday – Friday of June.


If applying for the spring semester, which begins in January, student must submit the second application during the third Monday – Friday of October.


If applying for the summer semester, which begins in June, student must submit the second application during the third Monday – Friday of March.


**The Esthetician Program is only available during the spring term (February of each year), therefore, the second application for Esthetics is only available on the third Monday – Friday of October, starting October 2018. **


Students can only submit one application so be sure to check the appropriate box. Students will know the application processed if student tries to submit a second time and you receive a message stating student can only submit one application.


Candidates are selected by Lottery


Within 30 days of submitting the second Cosmetology/Esthetician application students will receive an email to student’s RCC student email address stating the status of the student’s  application, along with detailed instructions on what to do next, please read this email in its entirety.


If student is not selected, student must submit another application for the next term and be sure to have an RCC application on file for the term student is applying for.