​Reemployment Preference Resources

The Faculty Association would like to share with you an update regarding the MOU for part-time faculty rehire rights. Consistently throughout the process of drafting and negotiating our agreement with the District, the Faculty Association has taken a proactive approach. When the deadline to make this new law go into effect was impending, the District never bothered to act. On the contrary, we took the initiative to address the new bill and diligently worked on the matter. The Faculty Association, and especially our secretary Shari Yates, worked extremely hard to thoroughly read the bill and create a proposal that was, to the best of our ability, beneficial to all and met the legal requirements. We had numerous meetings with District HR to finalize the major tenets and create a high-quality MOU. For our department chair colleagues, we know this is additional work for you, but please know, or check with HR, regarding your part-time faculty’s length of service. And it is in the best interest of our part-time faculty colleagues to be aware of your own length of service.


Below you will find: 

·       Finalized and approved MOU

·       Spring 2018 Availability Form

·       Updated Part time faculty evaluation Form

·       Associate Faculty Request for Preference Form


Associate Faculty that wishes to be considered for “preference,” need to fill out the Associate Faculty Request for Preference Form and submit to his/her area dean. 


The dean will sign the form and send to the district Educational Services for approval. 


Educational Services will then communicate to the faculty member that his/her preference form was approved/denied and forward the information back to the area dean. 


Educational Services will create a spreadsheet of associate faculty who has been approved for preference and forward to area deans.


Area deans will forward the preference status spreadsheet to department chairs. 


(Department Chairs should be reviewing faculty within their departments that are potentially eligible for preference to ensure that preference is warranted.)


Distribution of Faculty Availability forms need to be distributed for Spring 2018 by the department chairs and/or IDS.  

Please contact your college's Faculty Association's Part-Time Representatives for questions:

Emily Philippsen for Riverside (emily.philippsen@rccd.edu)

Ervin Slavick for Moreno Valley (ervin.slavick@rccd.edu)

Cameron Young for Norco (cameron.young@rccd.edu)

California Higher Education Association, California Teachers Association, Riverside Community College Chapter (RCC-CTA), selected by the faculty as its collective bargaining agent under the provisions of Senate Bill 160, represents the faculty on salaries, fringe benefits, and professional matters related to working conditions. It also voices professional concerns in the legislature and the courts, in contract talks, and before the Board of Trustees. Whenever decisions on working conditions are made that affect personal and professional well-being of faculty members, the CTA represents their interests.