Professional Development & Assessment:
As per our contract: Article 5. O. 4-5 (pages 15-16):

"The College Professional Development Committee in consultation with the College administration will identify orientation, training, and workshop or professional development opportunities that are available for part-time faculty compensation. A total of three (3) hours compensation may be submitted for payment annually at Group 1, Step 1 of the Faculty Hourly Salary Schedule (Appendix B).”

"To facilitate part-time faculty participation in discipline-directed assessment training, course level and/or program level assessment projects, the District will offer three (3) hours of compensation annually at Group 1, Step 1 of the Faculty Hourly Salary Schedule (Appendix B). Participating part-time faculty will submit to their respective College Professional Development Committee a self-reflective narrative identifying the application of knowledge resulting from their participation in the three (3) hours of assessment related professional development activities. The results of an individual faculty member’s assessment shall not be used as a criterion of evaluation.”


The electronic form for Associate (PT) Faculty Professional Development Hours went in effective on 6/1/2018. Use your district email and password to access the internal form. To access the Eform version, Please use the link below:

Unemployment Information:

California Higher Education Association, California Teachers Association, Riverside Community College Chapter (RCC-CTA)
, selected by the faculty as its collective bargaining agent under the provisions of Senate Bill 160, represents the faculty on salaries, fringe benefits, and professional matters related to working conditions. It also voices professional concerns in the legislature and the courts, in contract talks, and before the Board of Trustees. Whenever decisions on working conditions are made that affect personal and professional well-being of faculty members, the CTA represents their interests.