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The Faculty Association Executive Board has voted unanimously to endorse Jose Alcala for RCCD’s Board of Trustees for Area 4!

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We are excited to announce that Jose Alcala for RCCD Board of Trustees Area 4 has also been endorsed by the following:

Mark Takano, CA Congress (CD 41)

Jose Medina, CA Assembly (AD 61)

Pete Aguilar, CA Congress (CD 31)

Eloise Reyes, CA Assembly (AD 47)

Eduardo Garcia, CA Assembly (AD 56)

Andy Melendrez, Riverside City Council (Ward 2)

Bill Hedrick, RCCD Trustee, Area 1

Mary Figueroa, RCCD Trustee, Area 3

Riverside Community College District Faculty Association

CSEA RCCD Employees Chapter 535

San Bernardino/Riverside Counties Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO, San Bernardino/Riverside Counties Building and Construction Trades Council & Committee on Political Education (COPE)

Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters, Local 944

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local #440

Alvord Educators Association

Corona-Norco Teachers Association

National Educators Association-Jurupa

Andy Montoya, Fullerton Joint Union School Board Member

Dr. Barbara Flores, San Bernardino City Unified School District School Board Member

Dan Flores, Colton Joint Unified School District School Board Member (President)

Eleanor Evans, Oceanside Unified School District Board of Trustees

Frank Reyes, SB Valley College Trustee

Steve Ruth, Chair, Riverside County Democratic Party Central Committee

Howard Katz, Past-Chair, Riverside County Democratic Party Central Committee

Truman Club of the Inland Empire

Dariush Haghighat, RCC Faculty

Rhonda Taube,  RCC Faculty

Sharon Yates, RCC Faculty

Emily Philippsen, RCC Faculty

Gustavo Segura, RCC Staff

Eric Heins, CTA President

Theresa Montano, CTA Vice President

David Goldberg, CTA Secretary-Treasurer

Barbara Kerr, Past CTA President (Retired)

Dean Vogel, Past CTA President (Retired)

Micaela "Mikki" Cichocki, Teacher/Past CTA Secretary-Treasurer

Terri Jackson, Teacher/CTA Board of Directors

Erika Jones, Teacher/CTA Board of Directors

Leslie Littman, Teacher/CTA Board of Directors

Toby Boyd, Teacher/CTA Board of Directors

Margie Granado, Teacher/CTA Board of Directors

Sergio Martinez, Teacher/CTA Board of Directors

Jerry Eaton, Teacher/CTA Board of Directors, Former School Board Member (Big Oak Flat/Groveland USD & Vacaville USD)

Mike Patterson, Teacher/CTA Board of Directors

Roberto Rodriguez, Teacher/CTA Board of Directors

Don Bridge, Retired Teacher/CTA Board of Directors

Mary Rose Ortega, Retired Teacher/CTA Board of Directors

Joe Nunez, Executive Director- CTA

Tim Martin, Riverside City Teachers Association-President

Tom Kerman, President, Hesperia Teachers Association

Paula Kondratko, Vice-President, Hesperia Teachers Association

Wendy Eccles, Teacher

Loretta Arenas, Teacher

Pia VanMeter, Teacher

James VanMeter, Teacher

Micheal Flores-Castaneda, Teacher

Nancy Glenn, Teacher

Linda Morgan, Teacher

John Haschak, Teacher

Andrea Reyna, Teacher

Patty Taylor, Educator

Gordon Williamson, Retired Teacher/Organizer

Don Taylor, Retired CTA Staff

Marissa V. Yeager

Jesse Valenzuela

Ron & Heidi Hinkley       

Long & Cathy Dung

Juliann Anderson            

Maggie Hawkins

Ruth Heineman


More coming soon...

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