Historically the Riverside Community College District has pursued fulfillment of the Mission Statement and the Trustee-adopted Goals by affirming its vision and values:

The Riverside Community College District offers educational opportunities that promote social and economic mobility for its students and demonstrates leadership in the region and the state by providing high quality instructional programs and by advancing social justice for all.

Riverside Community College District is committed to the following set of shared values that form its core beliefs and guides its actions.

Inclusiveness: The district embraces diversity in all its forms and endeavors to create a fair and equitable climate for its students and workforce.

Excellence: The district maintains high standards in teaching, learning, and services.

Innovation: The district responds to the changing needs of its communities by continuous improvement and creative solutions.

Collegiality: The district respects the unique views of each individual and encourages civility, discussion of ideas, and collaboration.

Stewardship: The district maintains public trust by responsible management of its resources and by open and honest reporting of its decision-making processes.

Heritage: The district respects and builds on the rich traditions of education, innovation, and service to its communities.