This certificate may lead to employment competency but does not lead to an Associate degree.

The Web Master certificate program prepares a student to be a valuable member of a professional web design or development team. The successful student will become a competent HTML and CSS coder, and be proficient enough in Dreamweaver to streamline the development cycle and effectively integrate all the typical technologies within a web site. Depending on the chosen emphasis, the student will also become more skilled at designing sites with web graphics and animation or more skilled at developing web applications with programming in Javascript and PHP.

Program Learning Outcomes
Upon successful completion of this program, students should be able to:

  • Create valid, properly structured web pages using a variety of HTML features to form a typical 5-10 page site.
  • Create external style sheets that effectively control an entire web site’s formatting and layout.
  • Design, create, test, upload and manage an accessible and standards compliant interactive and responsive web site that includes the use of text, graphics, and multimedia.
  • Apply design and visual communication principles to web site, page, and interface design.
  • Create and edit images and animations for use on the web, including photographs, logos, navigation buttons, background images, and web design mockup images.

Total unit requirements for this concentration - 17-18 units:

  • Major Core Requirements: 6 units
  • Concentration Requirements: 6 units
  • Concentration Electives: 5-6 units
Major Core Required Courses (6 units) Units
CIS-72A Introduction to Web Page Creation 1.5
CIS-72B Intermediate Web Page Creation using Cascading Style Sheets 1.5
CIS-76B Introduction to DreamWeaver 3
Required for this concentration (6 units)  Units
ADM-67 Multimedia Animation 3
CIS-56A Designing Web Graphics 3
CIS-78A Introduction to Adobe Photoshop 3
ADM-71A Adobe Photoshop for Image Manipulation 3
Concentration Electives (5-6 units) Units
CIS/CAT-79 Introduction to Adobe Illustrator 3
ADM-77A Adobe Illustrator for Graphic Art 3
ADM-2A Color Systems and File Management 2
ADM-62 Typography and Graphic Design 3
ADM-74A Web Design 3