Report An Emergency
Safety is our number one priority. RCCD Police Department is committed to creating a safe and enjoyable campus atmosphere. As such, members of the Department work in a collaborative effort with students, faculty, support staff and surrounding businesses and residents to create a safe and enjoyable campus that promotes higher learning.
In a life-threatening emergency, call 911 first.
To report an emergency by phone:

On-campus - Call Dispatch: (951) 222-8171
Off-campus - Call your local Law Enforcement Agency.

During the call, state the following: "This is an emergency" and provide the following information:
The nature of the emergency.
  • Your name.
  • Phone number from which you are calling.
  • Your location.
Do not hang up until you are sure no further information is required, unless there is an immediate threat to your safety.
Emergency Blue Light Phones
Riverside Community College District is equipped with Emergency Blue Phones which are strategically placed throughout all three colleges. Each phone is activated by pressing the red button which goes directly to the RCCD Police Dispatch Center.
Report an Emergency using the RAVE Guardian App:
home_slider1.png​RAVE Guardian is a FREE Smartphone-based security application that allows users to call 911, call RCCD police, set up a timed virtual escort, and text RCCD Police about security threats or other problems.  ​