How to Submit Copy Jobs

Copy jobs can either be hard copy originals attached to a requisition or a file attachment to an email. Hard copy originals can be turned in to the mailroom or left in the drop box.


Prepare original documents.
Make sure they are clean with no creases or tears. Taped pieces should be taped all the way around with no flapping edges. Remove any staples. Put pages in correct order. Attach originals to a requisition with a paper clip.

Fill out the requisition.
Requisitions are currently available in the mailroom. Online printable requisitions will be available soon. Fill out one requisition per job. Required information: Full name, department, contact phone, budget code (if applicable), date needed, number of originals, number of copies requested and copying instructions.

Submit Job
Place the completed requisition and attached hard copy originals either in the drop box, located outside the sliding glass doors to the administration building, or the “Copy & Word Processing” slot located in the mailroom.


Email Address

Email Subject Line
Start line with a reference to dept and delivery location. Example: RIV—English 1A Syllabus

Email Body
The email becomes the requisition. Include the information below:

  • First and Last Name
  • Department
  • Budget Code (if applicable)
  • Date Needed
  • Delivery Location
  • Number of pages in the original job/file
  • Number of copies wanted
  • Paper Color (white, blue, green, pink, salmon, yellow)
  • Paper Type (3-hole punched or plain)
  • Stapled / Not Stapled
  • Collated / Not Collated

File Types
Microsoft: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher Adobe: Acrobat (pdf)

*Copy jobs that will be over 500 sheets total when completed or that need to be delivered off-campus should be emailed to District Administrative Support Center at


An online requisition form will be available soon.

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