ParScore Grading Services

ParSCORE grading services are available. Turnaround time is two days. 


  • Tests
  • Evaluations
  • Surveys
  • Compilations


Test Forms

Only the pink half- or full-sheet Scantron forms can be scanned. If in doubt, please check with center staff before using a form.


Each job, regardless of type, must include a Scantron form filled out in pencil with the correct answers.


Each job must be accompanied by a completed requisition. Requisitions are available in the mailroom. To be sent a pdf of the requisition, contact the Center at

The requisition must indicate:

  • Instructor’s first and last name
  • Who to return the reports to, if not the instructor
  • 5-digit class code
  • Course title
  • Contact phone or email
  • Number of questions on the test
  • Points per question
  • Reports requested


For a complete list of reports, visit the Riverside Administrative Support Center. We can show you examples of the available reports.

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Business Education Building Room 110

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