Mailboxes are available for administrators, full- and part-time faculty, academic departments and college offices on the Riverside campus only. The list is generated every semester by Human Resources and updated by each department’s secretary or Instructional Department Specialist (IDS). To obtain a mailbox contact the mailroom (email or your department.

For tips on preparing materials for the mail, see our Mail Preparation page.

Hours may change during holidays, and while classes are not in session.


The mailroom on the Riverside City Campus receives mail from the US Postal Service, sorts and distributes the mail to be placed in campus mailboxes or sent out to other campuses and satellite offices. Outgoing postal mail is handled by the District Administrative Support Center and is picked up twice a day.

Incoming Mail

Postal mail arrives by 9:00 am and is distributed throughout the day.

Outgoing Mail

Pick up times*: 9:00 am and 2:00 pm

Two bins are provided for outgoing postal mail. One for mail already stamped and one for mail that needs to be stamped. This bin is for college business mail only and must be accompanied with a department name or mail slip. Blank mail slips are available in the mail room. For department-specific mail slips, contact the District Mail Room at extension 8530 or email to:

Express Mail

For express mail services, fill out an Express Mail form (available in the mailroom) and attach it to the mail piece.

Services available include: USPS Express Mail, Certified Mail, Express Mail Overnight, Priority Mail, California Overnight.


If a package notification slip doesn’t appear when expected, contact the Mailroom staff at ext. 8525 and/or the Warehouse at ext. 8599.


Multi-colored bins in the Mailroom exist for mail to other campuses and satellite offices.


Pick and Delivery Times*

Outgoing: 10:00 am
Incoming: 2:00 pm

*Times are approximate.

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