Frequently Asked Questions

Hours may change during holidays, and while classes are not in session.​


+ -How can I request a mailbox?

Mailboxes are available for administrators, full- and part-time faculty, academic departments and college offices on the Riverside campus only. The list is generated every semester by Human Resources and updated by each department’s secretary or Instructional Department Specialist (IDS). To obtain a mailbox contact the mailroom (email or your department.

+ -What are your hours of operation?

General office hours are Monday through Thursday 7:00 am to 8:00 pm; Friday 7:00 am to 4:00 pm. Days and times may change due to holidays and school breaks.

+ -How do I send mail off campus?

There are multi-colored bins in the mailroom for each campus and satellite office.

+ -How do I send a letter by Registered or Certified mail?

There are multi-colored bins in the mailroom for each campus and satellite office.

+ -How do I send a letter by Registered or Certified mail?

+ -What do I do with empty inter-office envelopes?

Bring them to the mailroom on the Riverside City Campus.

+ -What can I do with extra rubber bands or paper clips?

Bring them to the mailroom on the Riverside City Campus.

+ -How should my mail be addressed?

Incoming mail should show your first name, last name and department. Example: John Dough Life Sciences Dept 4800 Magnolia Ave Riverside, CA 92506 The return address on outgoing mail should be in the following format: Riverside Community College Your Department Address City, State, Zip+4

+ -Do you have a postal scale?

Yes, we have a small postal scale. The District ASC has a scale attached to their postage machine. For college mail they will weigh each letter/package and charge the department accordingly.

+ -Can I send items FedEx, UPS or DHL through the mailroom?

For express mail services, fill out an Express Mail form (available in the mailroom) and attach it to the mail piece. Services available include: USPS Express Mail, Certified Mail, Express Mail Overnight, Priority Mail, California Overnight. For FedEx and medium/large heavy boxes PLEASE refer to Warehouse department. Please note that due to the relocation of the district mailroom, express mail will not go out until the next day.

+ -Where can I buy stamps?

The Wells Fargo ATM in front of Admissions and Records dispenses postal stamps.

+ -What is the deadline for outgoing U.S. Mail and off-campus mail?

Outgoing mail is picked up at 10:00 am and 2:00 pm. Intercampus mail leaves by 10:00 am



+ -Is there a self-serve copier available?

No. In an emergency, we can make copies of small documents while you wait. Please try to prepare your copying needs a day or more in advance.

+ -What’s the turnaround time on duplicating jobs?

We ask for two to three days; however, we understand that emergencies occur and try to accommodate them when possible.

+ -Can you make color copies?

No. Our copiers are black and white only. Color copy jobs can be submitted to the District ASC for color copying. Please allow a few extra days for transit time. Otherwise contact Production Printing.

+ -Can you make transparencies?

Yes. We can make 8.5” x 11” black and white transparencies.

+ -I need the finished job sheets cut in half. Can you do that?

No. We can perform the copying and then send the job to Production Printing for cutting or padding. We also have a small paper cutter for you to use onsite.



+ -Why can’t the switchboard operator answer my questions?

Information Support Operators do not have access to student information. Department information is frequently updated and is best obtained from the department.

+ -Who can help me navigate the college website?

Have no answer yet.

+ -Why did I get disconnected?

If your call is disconnected that is a good indication that the circuits are busy. Please wait three to five minutes before calling back.

+ -What’s the best way to reach a department?

The best way to reach a department is to dial directly. Department phone numbers are listed on their websites or you may search by department on the college website.



+ -How fast can I get my tests graded?

We ask for two to three days, especially during finals. However, we turn them around as quickly as possible, sometimes within 24 hours.

+ -Where can I get the green half-sheet forms graded?

Check with your Instructional Department Specialist.

+ -Where can I get the brown half-sheet forms graded?

Information Services.

+ -Can you email the reports?

Yes, all reports can be emailed as PDFs. The Roster Report can also be emailed as an Excel file. Please indicate on the requisition which format you require.

+ -What reports do you offer?

For a complete list of reports, visit the Riverside Administrative Support Center. We can show you examples of the available reports. Or, view a PowerPoint presentation on the ASC here.

+ -How many versions of a test can be scored at once?

Up to four versions (ABCD) can be scored as one exam.



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