​​Standing Committees: Department Leadership Council (DLC)

Committee charge:

"Purpose": The Department Leadership Council of Riverside City College is composed of the chairs and assistant chairs of the academic departments of the college. Department Chairs have obligations to the RCC District, as defined in Board Policy and the NEA/CCA/CTA contract. Many chairs have obligations to the department faculty who elect them as stipulated in department policy. In its status as a standing committee of the Academic Senate, the DLC acts to advise the Riverside City College Academic Senate with regard to “academic and professional” matters, as defined in Title 5 §53200. It further acts to advise the Riverside City College Strategic Planning Committee regarding resource prioritization on behalf of the Academic Senate. 
The Department Leadership Council allows for open dialogue between chairs and the administration and advises the academic senate with regard to the maintenance and evolution of academic programs of the college and district. The Department Leadership Council seeks to develop and maintain a collegial approach to supporting academic programs, enrollment management.

The composition of the Department Leadership Council: All faculty serving as department chairs, co-chairs, or assistant chairs are members of the Department Leadership Council. The committee is co-chaired by the Vice President of Academic Affairs (or other designees of the college president) and a faculty member elected by the committee. The term of office shall be two years with the chair chosen at the end of the spring semester in even-numbered years.
Duties: The Riverside City College Department Leadership Council shall:
  • Review and approve proposed academic programs where such programs appear to be compatible with existing college resources. In such cases where the Department Leadership Council judges that proposed programs will have an adverse effect on existing programs, it shall recommend to the Academic Senate that approval for such programs be withheld until resources can be identified to support the program. 
  • Advise the Academic Senate with regard to the prioritization of new full-time faculty hires. 
  • Promote collaboration among departments and with the administration to best meet student needs and best use of department resources. 
  • Promote consistent practices in those areas subject to board or college policy. 
  • With regard to resource allocation and prioritization, the Department Leadership Council advises the Riverside City College Strategic Planning Committee and, indirectly, the Riverside Community College District Strategic Planning Committee.

Meetings and Procedures:

The Department Leadership Council meets on the 4th Thursday of the month while the academic year is in session. A quorum shall require 50% plus one member; where possible, a decision shall be made by consensus. Roberts Rules shall be used to structure the conversation of the committee. While the Vice President of Academic Affairs (or designee of the college president) co-chairs the committee, all votes of the committee regarding matters under the authority of the Academic Senate shall be limited to the faculty members of the committee.

Department chairs and assistant chairs are elected by their departments to three-year terms in accordance with the CTA contract. The committee elects its chair annually. 

Department ​​​Member
DLC Chair Kevin Mayse, Carol Farrar
Applied Technology Paul O'Connell, Jim Knieriem
Art Rhonda Taube, Jeff Soto
Behavioral Sciences Jami Brown
Business Administration/CIS Janet Lehr, Ajene Wilcoxson, Laneshia Judon
Chemistry Leo Truttmann, Paul Richardson
Communication Studies
Micherri Wiggs
​Cosmetology  Peter Westbrook 
Counseling Garth Schultz, Ellen Brown-Drinkwater
Early Childhood Studies Shari Yates
Economics/Geography/Political Science Dariush Haghighat
English & Media Studies
Kathleen Sell, Jo Scott-Coe, Victor Sandoval
Rom Masterson
​Kinesiology Steve Sigloch, Clara Lowden  
Library Learning Resources Jacqueline Lesch
Life Science Scott Herrick
Ken Cramm, Marc Sanchez, Jason Wong
Nursing Education Gina Harold (VN), Tammy Vant Hul (ADN)
Performing Arts Kevin Mayse, Charlie Richard, Jodi Julian, 
Rita Chenoweth, Jazminka Knecht
Physical Sciences
Terrence O'Neill
World Languages
Dorothy Gaylor