Standing Committees:  Associate (Part-Time) Faculty

Committee Charge: "The Associate (Part-Time) Faculty Committee represents part-time faculty concerns in the Riverside City College Academic Senate: 

The Associate (Part-Time) Faculty Committee works to strengthen relations and mutual respect among the members of the associate faculty and between the associate faculty, full-time faculty, staff, and the administration, and to encourage associate faculty interest and participation in academic affairs. 
The Associate (Part-Time) Faculty Committee promotes development and leadership among the associate faculty and supports the integration of the associate faculty into institutional processes at RCC. 
The Associate (Part-Time) Faculty Committee facilitates the associate faculty’s availability to interact with students, to participate in governance, and to contribute to the curriculum decision-making process. 
The Associate (Part-Time) Faculty Committee cooperates with organizations such as asCCDFA/CCA/CTA/NEA and the California Part-Time Faculty Association (CPFA) on matters of mutual interest or concern. 

The Associate (Part-Time) Faculty Committee promotes and encourages compliance with the recommendations of the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges to the Board of Governors."

The five committee members are elected to staggered two-year terms: ​

*The Associate Faculty Committee is currently in development [AY2018-19]