Guided Pathways

Riverside City College is one of 20 California community colleges participating in the California Guided Pathways project. Guided Pathways is a framework helping RCC implement an integrated, institution-wide approach to student success. The College is intentionally designing structured educational experiences that will help our students succeed.


 Guided Pathway​  

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Equity in Guided Pathways (discussion guides by topic)

Guide #1: Student Support from Application to 1st day of Class
Guide #2: Creating Student Connection and Belonging
Guide #3: Taking an Asset Based approach to Onboarding
Guide #4: Reducing Student Equity Gaps in transfer level Math and English
Guide #5: Reframing Classroom Instruction to Engage a Diversity Community of Learners
Guide #6: Creating an Active and Culturally Responsive Learning Environments for Students
Guide #7: Integrating Non-Academic Support into the Student Journey
Guide #8: Fostering Faculty Diversity
Guide #9: Leading Culture Change to Promote Equity: Perspectives from a CEO of Color
Guide #10: Leading Culture Change to Promote Equity: Perspectives from a White CEO

 Guided Pathways Presentations and Updates

Collecting Student Voices

Guided Pathways Resources

Guided Pathways Committee

California Guided Pathways Project
        CAGP Homework and Action Plans
      California Guided Pathways Scale Of Adoption Assessment


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