Accreditation 2020 - Visit March 2-5, 2020


Riverside City College is fully accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC), Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).

According to ACCJC​, “Accreditation as a system of voluntary, non-governmental, self-regulation, and peer review is unique to American educational institutions. It is a system by which an institution evaluates itself in accordance with standards of good ​practice regarding mission, goals, and objectives; the appropriateness, sufficiency, and utilization of resources; the usefulness, integrity, and effectiveness of its processes; and the extent to which it is achieving its intended student achievement and student learning outcomes, at levels generally acceptable for higher education. It is a process by which accreditors provide students, the public, and each other with assurances of institutional integrity and effectiveness and educational quality.”
Accreditation is both a status and a process.  Accreditation provides assurance of the quality of courses, degrees, and certificates easing student transfer and contributing to graduate employability.  Accredited institutions are eligible to participate in student financial aid programs.  Accreditation also emphasizes a process of continuous, quality improvement, which encourages institutions to think broadly about effectiveness and intentionality of mission.
Each ACCJC member institution agrees to participate in a periodic institutional self-evaluation and professional peer review process. The institution first conducts a comprehensive internal self-evaluation by assessing its degree of alignment with the accreditation standards. Then ACCJC selects a team of peer reviewers who will visit the institution to conduct an external evaluation and make recommendations and commendations based on the standards.  Upon receiving the team’s report, the Commission will evaluate all information to determine the status of the institution’s accreditation.  The institution uses the recommendations to inform improvements to further enhance educational quality and institutional effectiveness.
Riverside City College began the self-evaluation process in Fall 2017 and will complete its institutional self-evaluation report (ISER) by the end of 2019.  ACCJC will assign a team of peer evaluators to conduct a multi-day visit to the college in March 2020.  ACCJC will meet to decide on the accredited status of the institution in June 2020 and will provide an action letter to the College in July 2020.


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