Accreditation Steering Committee

Accreditation Steering Committee
October 2013

Wolde-Ab Isaac,
Interim President, Standard IV
Susan Mills, Interim Vice President of Academic Affairs,
Administrative Co-chair and Accreditation Liaison Officer,
Professor, Mathematics, Standard I
Tom Allen,
Co-Chair and Editor, Associate Professor, English
Hayley Ashby,
Associate Professor, Library Services, Standard IIC
Patricia Avila,
Dean of Instruction, Career and Technical Education
Tim Brown,
Professor, Reading, Standard IIA
Ed Bush,
Vice President, Student Services, Standard IIB
Shelagh Camak,
Vice President, Workforce & Resource Development, Standard IIIA
Michelle Davila,
Facility Access & Utilization Coordinator, Standard IIID
Jim Elton,
Associate Professor, Kinesiology, Standard IIIB
Sabrina Hodge, S
tudent, Standard IV
Bernard Fradkin,
Dean of Instruction, Standard IIC 
Ginny Haguewood,
Outreach Specialist, Standard IIIB
Janet Lehr,
Associate Professor, Computer Applications & Office Technology, Standard IIIC
Richard Mahon,
Professor, Humanities, Standard IIA
Daniel Martinez,
Associate Dean, Institutional Research, Standard I
Virginia McKee-Leone,
Dean of Instruction, Standard IIA
Lee Nelson,
Academic Senate President, Standard IV
John al-Amin,
Interim Vice President, Business Services, Standard IIID       

The Council provides leadership for the college’s accreditation efforts.

Elements of the Charge:
  • Review the ACCJC Accreditation Standards

  • Encourage an institution-wide dialogue on student learning and institutional effectiveness
  • Receive and respond to suggestions and queries regarding accreditation-related issues
  • Provide information on accreditation to the college constituencies and community
  • Facilitate the organizational structure for comprehensive self studies
  • Oversee the preparation of accreditation reports (follow-up, annual, comprehensive, etc.)
  • Establish guidelines for cataloging and maintaining evidence to support accreditation
  • Facilitate and prepare for accreditation team visits to the college.

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