President's Leadership Team Report March 24 and 30, 2021

Apr 02
RCC Campus

Aaron Brown, Vice Chancellor Business and Financial Services
Hussain Agah, Associate Vice Chancellor Facilities and Planning Development
Andrew Walcker, Richard Hamm, Chuck Dragicevich, Overland Development Company
RCCD leaders and representatives from a local development company presented a potential
Student Housing project - 1.5-acre mixed-use student housing site adjacent to the new Riverside Public Library. This presentation led to a robust discussion with PLT and a commitment to
engagement in College strategic planning processes.

Lorraine Jones, District Compliance Officer
Compliance Officer Jones and PLT discussed training and professional development opportunities
for managers. The College will host regular workshops covering critical management skills and
knowledge building.

Christopher Blackmore, Associate Vice Chancellor, Information Technology & Learning Systems
Susanne Ma, Director of IT, Infrastructure & Systems
AVC Blackmore and Director Ma requested the College’s support in using CARES/HEERF funds for
the District IT/infrastructure plan as it directly aligns with the expansion of student support and
instruction. The recommendation will be taken through our participatory governance structures to
ensure transparency and accountability.

PLT reviewed the following information items:

Conversation with Bettina Love Event
On March 29, Dr. Bettina L. Love, award-winning author and endowed professor at the University
of Georgia hosted a webinar about social justice and creating equitable classrooms. The powerful
event was attended by faculty, classified professionals, administrators, and students from all three

Annual ACCJC Institutional and Financial Report and other Accreditation Updates
The ACCJC requires institutions to submit annual reports both with regard to institutional
standards (Institutional) and targets, as well as financial stability and accountability (Financial).

  • Both the annual Institutional Report and Financial Report will be submitted by the April 9th deadline.
  • The Institutional Report has been submitted through EPOC/ASC protocols, and the final Financial Report is anticipated to be presented by March 30th.
  • The financial documents included in this agenda item are just backup to the annual financial report.
  • RCC’s financial team has been instrumental in collecting and preparing information not only for the College, but for the entire District.

Equity Audit Updates
The College is currently fully engaged in an Equity Audit.

  • Currently the Equity Audit team is solidifying participant information (including confirming divisions, departments and service areas), and collecting documents as they pertain to policy, practice, and assessment.
  • Surveys will be sent out in late April, and focus groups will be assembled in May.
  • The full equity audit will be completed and results presented in July.

Student Survey
As plans for a full re-opening of RCC Fall 2021 continue, the College seeks the critical voice of
both currently enrolled students and others who are not enrolled in class this semester.

  • A survey is currently open and available through this link.
  • The Associated Student leadership along with members of the faculty and student services teams are encouraging all students to complete the survey.

PLT considered the following policy items:

The College continues to move forward with the use of CARES II and CARES III (HEERF I) and
planning for use of HEERF II funds.

  • Information will be presented on the use and ongoing planning efforts related to these funds at April’s Strategic Planning Leadership Council meetings (EPOC, RD&AS, SAS, Teaching & Learning).
  • For questions related to HEERF I and HEERF II funds, contact Interim VP DiMemmo.

CCAP Fall 2021 scheduling
All three unified school districts value the dual enrollment opportunities with RCC and wish to
expand them. Currently, the primary modality for these early college educational opportunities is
College and Career Access Pathways (CCAP).

  • Associate dean Adrienne Grayson, recently hired to oversee and expand educational
    partnerships is developing RCC’s growing CCAP program, Rubidoux Early College High
    School, and other precollege programs.
  • Grayson met extensively with leaders at AUSD, JUSD, and RUSD and with RCC faculty chairs to determine the best course of action for CCAP to return to the high school campuses safely in fall 2021.
  • Courses will be offered in various formats and the innovations developed over the past year will be preserved to increase enrollment and enhance student learning.

FTES Updates/BAM estimates

  • 2021-2022 FTES targets are being calculated based on an average of the past few years.
    These targets will be reviewed with Deans and department chairs for confirmation.
  • The targets for the BAM calculations were based on Fall 2019 actual FTES.
  • Training opportunities for Department Leadership Council members including faculty and
    administrative leaders is being considered.

Student-facing Computer Replacement Initiative
Over the coming months, Technology Support Services (TSS) will be working on the lifecycle
replacement of student-facing computers across the campus.

  • These devices are included in the Computer Lifecycle Database and are slated for
    replacement in fiscal years: 19-20, 20-21, and 21-22.
  • This initiative will be funded using RCC’s CARES/HEERF Funds.
  • TSS staff is reaching out to individual area/department heads to confirm specifications to
    ensure that the replacement computers fulfill departmental and area needs prior to purchase.
  • This initiative is one of the single largest investment in technology equipment replacement that has ever occurred at RCC, totaling over $1.2M.

Faculty Development Report, Future Plans & Budget
PLT reviewed the draft report and plan for Faculty Development and discussed recommendations
from the March 12 Institutional Effectiveness and Partnership Initiative Partnership Resource
Team visit.

  • The Faculty Development Committee will continue work on the drafts.
  • Plans and budget requests for Faculty Development will be included in the Academic Affairs Vice President’s program review and plan.

Faculty Positions Recruitment
Four additional full-time faculty were negotiated and approved for hiring during 2020-2021.
The positions identified in the fall 2020 prioritization that will be recruited are:

  • Counseling (Umoja)
  • Life Sciences (Microbiology)
  • Communication Studies
  • Life Sciences (Biology)

Bachelor’s Degrees at Community Colleges Legislation - AB 927
Local Assemblymember José Medina has introduced legislation to expand the ability of colleges to
offer baccalaureate degrees.

  • PLT recognizes the opportunity for degree completion and need for a skilled workforce in
    inland southern California.
  • Faculty and administrators will review environmental scan information regarding needs for baccalaureate degree programs to be offered at RCC.
  • This topic will be added to Districtwide legislative advocacy efforts.

RCC High School Recruitment Postcard

Since traditional recruitment and outreach practices are not currently available, the College’s
Enrollment Services and Marketing teams continue to explore creative strategies to recruit new

  • Recruitment has been conducted through virtual education workshops and other remote
  • Outreach to high school students has pivoted from on-campus visits to direct mail, email,
    texting, and social media messaging.
  • PLT reviewed a recruitment postcard to be mailed to high school seniors.
  • Alvord and Jurupa Valley unified school districts are collaborating with the College on
    distribution of the direct mail piece.

PLT took action on the following items:

CCLC Black Student Success Week
As part of RCC’s critical anti-racist and equity work, the College will participate actively in Black
Student Success Week, April 26-30.

  • Interim VP Di Memmo will invite input from college constituents to identify best approaches to showcase and communicate opportunities for the RCC community.
  • PLT authorized funding to cover any expenses associated with this effort.

Culinary Academy Restaurant Re-Opening
PLT reviewed and approved a request from the Culinary Arts Academy program to offer indoor
dining at the academy restaurant with 25% occupancy following county guidelines.

  • In accordance with the directives from the Riverside Health department, we will begin the semester in the Red Tier which allows for 25% capacity inside the Academy.
  • As the County of Riverside moves into the less restrictive Orange tier and with PLT’s approval, the Academy will be allowed 50% capacity. What this translates to is the following:
    - Breakfast and lunch service will begin on April 13.
    - Grab and Go to go orders
    - Maximum of 7 tables inside the restaurant to serve 28 people.
    - When the county moves into the Orange and Yellow tiers, the maximum is 50%
    capacity --15 tables and 60 people.

Request from Gateway College and Career Academy to reopen per SB 86
PLT received and approved a request from the Gateway College and Career Academy to take
advantage of opportunities presented by the passage of SB 86 last week.

  • SB 86 allows K-12 schools to safely resume in-person instruction and support services during the 2020-2021 school year.
  • The potential for some level of in-person instruction would benefit Gateway students.
  • Program leaders are confident given the small number of students; they can deliver a safe
    hybrid schedule of classes and support services.
  • Currently, Bradshaw is being considered as a temporary facility for social distanced classroom space.

Meeting of the Managers Agenda

  • PLT identified topics to be included in the April 7th Meeting of the Managers.
  • The team also discussed the meeting format and standing topics relevant to all College
  • Meeting of the Managers will be extended to 90-minutes with 30-minutes optional beginning in May.
  • Given the need for consistent and clear communication and coordination among
    administrators and other managers, meetings will continue to be held during the summer.
  • Professional development training series and management skills and knowledge building
    workshops presented by Human Resources/Employee Relations (HRER) team will be added to future meeting agendas.

Drive-through Supply Distribution for Umoja Community
PLT reviewed and approved the request from the Umoja team to host a drive through school
supply distribution on April 9.

  • The purpose of the event is to assist students who may need supplies before midterms.
  • Distribution will take place in front of the Kane Student Services and Administration Building from 1:30-3 pm.
  • The program is anticipating 20-30 students.