President’s Leadership Team Report February 3 and 10, 2021

Feb 12


Kevin Mayse, Professor of Music, Chair of Department Leadership Council

Professor Mayse shared the results of informal meetings that he and other faculty department chairs have been having about the charge and direction of the Department Leadership Committee. Additionally, Dr Mayse and PLT members explored the history of DLC and agreed to seek ways for the College to maximize the benefit of the engagement, expertise, and experience of these key faculty leaders.

Jennifer Bielman, Administrative Assistant

Jennifer Bielman provided training on the recently developed process for review and approval of agreements and contracts. PLT provided feedback on this streamlined process for securing approval for all agreements and contracts (below the $96k board limit).

Patricia Avila, Professor and Faculty Counselor, Faculty Development Coordinator Natalie Halsell, Staff Development Coordinator

Faculty Development and Professional Development leaders joined PLT to brainstorm possible topics for upcoming President’s Panels.

PLT reviewed the following information items:

Strategic Planning

February begins the annual Strategic Planning assessment and PLT reviewed the first draft of the Strategic Planning report card.

  • PLT reviewed the assessment protocols that will be achieved during the Spring semester.
  • An informal update was also presented (by Interim VP Di Memmo and Interim VP Mills) to the Chancellor’s weekly COVID-19 District meeting.
  • Feedback received from the Chancellor will be considered within College’s participatory governance protocols.

Top 100 Producers of Associate Degrees for 2020

Each year, the nation’s 1400+ colleges are ranked by the journal Diverse Issues in Higher Education on a variety of standards. RCC continues its strong showing as a top institution of higher education serving a diverse student body.

  • Results of this nationwide study put RCC in the top 10 in more than10 categories for Top 100 producers of associate degrees.
  • Most notably, RCC was the #7 producer in the nation of degrees awarded to Hispanic students.
  • RCC ranked even higher in other categories including:
    #2 Hispanic - Kinesiology
    #2 Total Minority - Kinesiology
    #7 Total Minority - Interdisciplinary Studies

“Ask Me”Information Booths

As the Spring semester begins, very limited welcome booths will be provided on campus the first week of the semester (Feb 16 - 18), during the following hours and locations:

  • Kane Student Services/Administration - T-W-Th 8am-7pm
  • Digital Library - T-W-Th 8am-7pm
  • Auto Tech - T-W 9am-7pm and Th 5-7pm

Employees staffing the booth will answer general questions, provide directions to students who may need assistance navigating campus, and promote online services.

“Let’s Get Real” Equity Training

Classified professionals and managers attended an equity training session, “Let’s Get Real: How to Have Authentic & Transformative Conversations about Racism,” facilitated by Lee Mun Wah, Stir
Fry Seminars.

  • The goal of the training was to provide basic, practical techniques on how to develop alliances and a sense of community between multicultural groups and practical skills training dealing with diversity-related issues when working with individuals and groups from diverse populations.
  • 70 employees participated in the training: 17 managers and 53 classified professionals.
  • This was a first-time training for 80% of the participants.
  • Of the 30 responders to the post-workshop assessment, 87% indicated they would recommend the workshop to a colleague.

PLT considered the following policy items:

CARES/HEERF Funding Updates

The College continues to deploy federal funds to meet critical student needs and address budgetary challenges.

  • Lost revenue/expenses in both Food Services and Child Development Center.
  • Additional options including technology needs are being considered that support our students, faculty, classified, and management teams.
  • The College will use its CARES II and III funds by the May deadline.

AB 705 Math Summer Institute

Interim VP Mills gave an update on the weekly AB 705 Math Summer Institute District-wide planning meetings. Topics to be discussed at the January 28 meeting include:

  • Program design
  • Course offerings
  • Recruitment of students
  • Assessment of SLOs

Guided Pathways collaboration with UCR

Interim VP Mills reported on the item raised in the District-wide VPAA/VPSS/VPPD meeting on working with UCR to create pathways maps for student transfer to UCR. Further work in this area will need to engage faculty leaders from all three colleges.


  • Congratulations to the STEM team, especially Chemistry, for earning the NSF S-STEM grant of $1 million with a focus on providing scholarships to students working towards completing the ADT in Chemistry.
  • After receiving favorable reviews (although not funded) for the NSF-IUSE grant (Economics) a few months ago, Professor of Economics Amber Casolari’s proposal has been updated and resubmitted for consideration to NSF.
  • This grant focuses on adding to the body of knowledge on the most effective pedagogical techniques and evidence-based practices to improve the recruitment, retention, and success of women and underrepresented students in economics through curricular innovation.

2021-2022 FTES Targets

Enrollment Management targets have remained unchanged for the past three years.

  • These targets continue to remain static, especially in light of the current environment.
  • This topic is slated to be discussed at the next DEMC.
  • There are many factors to consider as we move forward.
  • We are hopeful that our numbers will increase, and want to be ready to serve our students, while being realistic.

Student Payment Plans

RCC continues to make progress on the debt levels. Although the movement is small, and more debt is being accumulated due to the start of the spring semester, we are making progress.

  • The Business Services Team continues to work with the 5,400 students that have debt, and will be following up with text messages and phone calls.
  • Again, progress is slow, but we are hopeful while waiting for outside agencies to pay some of the student bills because they are part of special programs that were not properly identified.

PLT took action on the following items:

Shrek Production Proposal

PLT reviewed and approved the proposed theatre production budget and proposal request presented by Dean Adkins and Professor Julian.

  • The Theatre department has creatively developed an all-student production of Shrek the Musical.
  • The proposal provides for the Musical to be held in an alternative space.
  • Additional consideration needs to be given for location and what might need to be considered to expand this to reach more participants, which may include additional screens and sound considerations.

Distribution of Instructional Materials pick-up for BIO-60

PLT reviewed and approved the request presented by Dean Blair and Life Sciences faculty to host a distribution event on Friday, February 19 from 10am to noon.

  • Two faculty members will be distributing lab supplies to nearly 100 BIO-60 students.
  • College and county safety guidelines will be followed.

Drive-Through Event Resource Center

PLT reviewed and approved the request presented by VP Carter and Student Activities Coordinators to host a School Supply Drive for 400 students during the week of March 8-12.

  • Additional information will be sent to students on the exact date, time, and location.
  • ASRCC’s event in September was a success - provided supplies to 180 students.
  • Learning from this event students will be required to sign up for the Spring School Supply Drive in order to alleviate traffic issues.

Riverside Chamber 129th Inaugural Celebration Sponsorship

PLT agreed that RCC will sponsor this event at the previous year’s level of $1,000 from the President’s foundation account.

Parking Information for spring 2021 to faculty, staff, and managers

Vice Presidents will provide a list of new faculty, classified professionals, and managers (who may not have been on campus in the Fall) to the RCCD Police to receive a new red parking decal. Permits
will be issued through VPs or respective Dean.

Vision for Success Spotlight: Equitable Placement: AB 705 Implementation

In December 2020, the California Acceleration Project (CAP) and Public Advocates released a report titled, “Still Getting There: How California’s AB 705 Is (and is not) Transforming Community College Remediation and What Needs to Come Next.” In this report, RCC is recognized as a strong implementer of AB 705 in both English and mathematics with 95% of introductory courses offered at the transfer level in English and 92% in math.