President’s Leadership Team Report January 20, 2021

Jan 22

PLT reviewed the following information items:

New International Student Orientation

The virtual 2021 Spring Orientation for new international students is scheduled for January 25 and 26. All new F-1 students are required to attend the two-day orientation and registration session.

Planning and Development Reports

In the next few weeks, the following will be presented to PLT:

  • GE Assessment Report - to be presented by Jude Whitton, Denise Kruizenga-Muro and Wendy McEwen
  • Strategic Planning Assessment - In February, the College will begin the assessment of the Strategic Plan through the established leadership councils and Academic Senate. As the report is completed, it will be brought forward for review.

Program Review Guide - Updates to Nuventive

New single sign-on protocols are in place, and training is being scheduled to improve processes with March 31st deadlines for discipline and department Program Reviews approaching quickly.

RCCD 2019-20 Transfer Report

Director of Research Brandon Owashi completed the RCCD Transfer Report and sent the final draft to the District office for review. This data will be presented to the Chancellor and is reflective of the
District as a whole.

AB 705 Report

Each college is required to submit an annual report to the state for AB705. Our IE team met with the Deans of STEM and LHSS as well as the English and Math Department chairs and AB705 coordinators. This report has very few students because most RCC students are enrolling in transfer level courses and Tab 2 only looks at students in the lowest high school GPA band (<= 1.9).

PLT considered the following policy items:


RCC has been awarded state funding for the Veterans Resource Center in the amount of $61,791.

Enrollment Management

  • Academic deans, department chairs, and other faculty leaders continue to collaborate in detailed analysis of enrollment patters, identifying gaps and increasing opportunity where demand is high.
  • The College continues to actively promote Spring registration with support from Admissions and Records, and Marketing.
  • A full report on Winter and Spring enrollment will be provided.

Interactive Campus Map Governance

Vice President West reviewed the new Interactive Campus Map with PLT as part of RCC’s continued website improvement efforts.

  • The new map will launch later this month and included participation and review from faculty, staff and students throughout the campus.
  • Special thanks to Bill Manages, Janelle Wortman, Dean Kyla O’Connor and the Outreach team in Admissions and Records for their work on this important project.

CARES Act Funding

Expenditures continue to be made in support of the online learning environment for faculty and students.

  • A review of lost revenue has been conducted for the Child Development Center and Food Services, and CARES Act funding will help support the losses in these areas.
  • Lost revenue to-date has reached over $750,000.