Nuventive Improve (TracDat)

TracDat® is an online system that RCC has adopted to assist with the collection, managing, and reporting of data related to assessment and program review. TracDat® is the reporting tool for academic departments, student services, and administrative units. Student learning outcomes and service area outcomes are mapped to strategic planning goals.

TracDat® can be assessed via the following link: http://rcc.tracdat.com

Please see the TracDat® Quick Start Guide for login instructions.

Training & manuals

Assessment Plan Worksheets

The following spreadsheets contain assessment status archives collected from disciplines in the Annual Instructional Unit Plan. These spreadsheets have been replaced with reports generated in TracDat®:


​​​Conta​ct Us​​

​​​   Denise Kruizenga-Muro
   Riverside Assessment Coordinator
   Associate Professor, English
   (951) 222 - 8618
   Jude Whitton
   Riverside Assessment Coordinator
   Assistant Professor, 
   Communications Studies
   (951) 328-3774
   Wendy McEwen
   Dean, Institutional Effectiveness
   (951) 222-8148