Outcomes Assessment

Riverside City College believes that learning not only encompasses the knowledge of discrete facts and concepts but also the demonstration of the ability to integrate facts and concepts in critical, creative, and practical ways. 

Our mission is to improve student success and learning, thus helping the College fulfill its educational mission. The assessment process provides the college with evidence that allows it to strengthen the content and delivery of its curriculum and services by identifying areas of strength and areas for improvement. Assessment is more meaningful and likely to lead to improvement when students are committed to learning and the faculty and staff who deliver the programs and services own the process.​

Instructional assessment is conducted simultaneously at many different levels throughout the college. At the foundational level, classroom assessment is done by individual faculty within the context of individual classes. Formal and informal evidence of learning is collected and assessed. The results of the assessment are used to inform conversations and activities focused on improving student learning.

    • Institution-level Assessment
    • Program-level Assessment
    • Course-level Assessment
    • General Education Assessment
​​​The college’s assessment plan indicates that SLO, PLO, GE SLO, and SAO assessment is required at least once per strategic planning cycle. The Assessment Committee strongly recommends that PLO assessment occur at least twice per strategic planning cycle in order to best inform PRaP. ILO assessment occurs annually.​

Non-instructional assessment is conducted at the unit level using Service Area Outcomes (SAO’s). As with instructional assessment, evidence of progress for each SAO should be collected and assessed. The results of these assessment activities should inform improvement conversations at the unit, department, discipline, and College levels and provide evidence-based metrics which can be used to evaluate the effectiveness of processes and services.

    • Student Services Units
    • Administrative and Student Services

RCC Assessment Cycle 


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