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Riverside Assessment Committee 

The Riverside City College Assessment Committee (RAC) is a standing committee of the Riverside City College Academic Senate as established by Article III, Section 5 of the Academic Senate By-Laws.
The Assessment Committee recognizes the dual purpose of assessment as both summative and formative. While the committee strives to meet the external accountability demands of the accrediting commission and acknowledges the role of assessment in college planning processes and resource allocation decisions, its focus is on the intrinsic value of assessment as a means of improving student learning.

The Assessment Committee supports student learning outcomes assessment by facilitating college-based activities and discussion, and by consulting with and providing guidance to departments, disciplines, and other units undergoing program review. The committee seeks to foster engagement in student learning outcomes assessment by encouraging dialogue related to pedagogy and curriculum and supporting college-wide assessment efforts.

The Riverside City College Assessment Committee meets once a month and on an as-needed basis as a standing committee of the Riverside Academic Senate. A representative from the Riverside Assessment Committee attends Riverside City College Academic Senate meetings to provide a report of assessment issues and activities. 

Meeting Dates

The Committee meets on the 1st Friday of the month from 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. in the Digital Library, room 409. All are welcome.

Committee Co-Chairs​

Denise Kruizenga-Muro – Riverside Assessment Coordinator, Associate Professor, English 
denise.kruizenga-muro@rcc.edu​ (951) 222-8618

Jude Whitton – Riverside Assessment Coordinator, Assistant Professor, Communication Studies
jude.whitton@rcc.edu (951) 328-3774

Wendy McEwen – Dean, Institutional Effectiveness
wendy.mccewen@rcc.edu (951) 222-8148

Meeting Agendas and Minutes​

May 1, 2020 Agenda / Minutes
March 6, 2020 Agenda / Minutes

December 6​, 2019 Agenda / Minutes​
November 1, 2019 Agenda / Minutes
October 4, 2019 Agenda / Minutes
September 6, 2019 Agenda ​/ Minutes
May 10, 2019 Agenda / Minutes
April 19, 2019 Agenda / Minutes
March 8, 2019 Agenda / Minutes

December 14, 2018 Agenda / Minutes
November 9, 2018 Agenda / Minutes
October 12, 2018 Agenda / Minutes
September 14, 2018 Agenda / Minutes
May 11, 2018 Agenda ​/ Minutes
April 20, 2018 Agenda / Minutes
March 9, 2018 Agenda​ / Minutes​

​​​Contact Us

   Denise Kruizenga-Muro
   Riverside Assessment Coordinator
   Associate Professor, English
   (951) 222 - 8618
   Jude Whitton
   Riverside Assessment Coordinator
   Assistant Professor, 
   Communications Studies
   (951) 328-3774
   Wendy McEwen 
   Dean, Institutional Effectiveness

   (951) 222-8148