AOE Assessment​​

Areas of emphasis Assessment

Areas of Emphasis Degree Programs

Students not interested in earning an available AA-T or AS-T degree may earn an A.A./A.S. degree with an emphasis in one of the nine areas of emphasis and enter the workplace or transfer to a four-year institution with enhanced skills in critical thinking and written and oral communication.Students intending to transfer to a bachelor’s degree granting institution can use one of these eight areas to fulfill many lower division major requirements while taking additional transferable courses in closely related areas of study.

  • AA/AS Areas of Emphasis (AOEs)​
    • American Studies
    • Administration and Information Systems
    • Communication, Media, and Languages
    • Fine and Applies Art
    • Humanities, Philosophy, and Arts
    • Physical Education, Health, and Wellness
    • Social and Behavioral Studies
    • Math and Science

AOE Assessment Project

As part of Riverside City College’s engagement in systematic assessment for programs, the Riverside Assessment Committee (RAC) in coordination with the Office of Institutional Effectiveness conducted a project beginning in the Spring 2013 Semester to assess the eight Areas of Emphasis (AOEs).

The project consisted of the following principal tasks:

  1. Mapping AOE course student learning outcomes to AOE program student learning outcomes;
  2. Identifying AOE courses/sections based on the mapping exercise to target for direct assessment, and selecting which program learning outcome(s) to assess;
  3. Assessing student achievement of the program learning outcome(s) in the target AOE courses;
  4. Analyzing the assessment results to inform discipline discussions of actions towards improvement of the AOEs.

These tasks were accomplished by workgroups consisting of faculty members from the AOE disciplines. Working in concert with the Norco College Assessment Committee, who conducted a parallel AOE project, the RAC established a timeline, devised an assessment tool, and distributed/collected the program assessment scantron forms.

Tthe results of the assessment are being assembled by the Office of Institutional Effectiveness. The AOE mapping and student information, for example the number of units taken towards the completion of the AOE, will be used to provide a context for the results of the assessment. Results of the assessment are being shared with the workgroup faculty and disciplines college-wide and will inform dialogue and suggestions for improvement of the AOE programs.

Areas of Emphasis Matrices

The following curriculum matrices algining course student learning outcomes (SLOs) with AOE program level outcomes (PLOs) were developed by Norco College faculty, and reviewed by Riverside City College faculty.

Areas of Emphasis Rubrics

Rubrics were developed by the Riverside City College AOE Work groups in consultation with discipline faculty to guage student achievement of AOE program level outcomes.

  • American Studies - In Progress
  • Administration and Information Systems - CIS Rubric
  • Communication, Media, and Languages - ENG/COM Studies Rubric | WL Rubric | AML Rubric
  • Fine and Applies Art - ART Rubric | DAN Rubric | MUS Rubric
  • Humanities, Philosophy, and Arts - In Progress
  • Physical Education, Health, and Wellness - Rubric
  • Social and Behavioral Studies - Rubric
  • Math and Science - Rubric


The data has been collected, analyzed, and formatted as a summary report and an interactive worksheet:



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