Riverside City College
Classified Leadership And Success


Classified Leadership and Success is a standing subcommittee of the Human Resources Advisory Group operating under the direction of the Resource Development and Administrative Services Leadership Council.  The primary charge of this subcommittee is to contribute expertise in the development of Human Resources and Professional Development from the perspective of the classified professionals of Riverside City College, administer the college’s classified employee recognition programs, and encourage employee engagement in an effort to promote enthusiasm and positive action towards the achievement of the college’s strategic goals.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Classified Leadership and Success (CLAS) subcommittee is to promote employee engagement and recognition, professional growth, upward mobility, and leadership development of its classified professionals in an effort to support the college’s strategic goals while encouraging intellectual curiosity and lifelong learning.


To create a dynamic workforce of classified professionals at Riverside City College.

Value Statement

The Classified Leadership and Success subcommittee at Riverside City College will:

    • Improve productivity in the workplace through employee engagement.
    • Maintain employee skills for new and emerging technology.
    • Support classified professional development and promote employee retention.
    • Provide individualized, specific, ongoing and appropriate activities (professional development, employee recognition, and professional growth)
    • Offer opportunities for advancement in the workplace.
    • Embrace the value of all college employees


The committee is comprised of a selected group of employees representing the various departments and divisions throughout the college.  Members will serve a minimum of a two-year term and may be reappointed.


Dora Aikens
Stephen Ashby - Co-Chair
Justin Borden
Sharice Fox
Casandra Greene
​Natalie Halsell - Co-Chair
Akia Marshall
Amanda Vazquez