RCC student Skyler Fisher addresses NMUN

Riverside City College student Skyler Fisher experienced a once-in-a-lifetime experience when she was asked to address the General Assembly of the United Nations in New York. 

Fisher, 19, was given little time to pull together her thoughts, let alone her speech, which was in response to an international crisis. 

“Not only Skyler was able to come up with a sound resolution in response to the crisis,” Dariush Haghighat, professor, Political Science and Model UN advisor, said, “(but) she was also able to establish her commanding leadership in the committee and rallied the security council members in support of her resolution.

“Skyler formulated a truly impressive resolution, and masterfully and forcefully articulated her position.”

The 90-second speech, which she crafted in only five minutes and delivered from memory, can be seen here. She and the rest of the Riverside Community College District Model UN team are competing this week against students from colleges across the nation as well as internationally. View the 90-second video here​.