Funded Student Equity Projects​​


Excel tracking sheet - Equity plan, status, target group, tntended outcome, and evaluation

Student Equity sponsored activities on campus​

  1. Student Equity presentations
  2. New Science of Learning
  3. Growth Mindset Working group
  4. Supplemental Instruction training – Spring 2016
  5. Library and Learning Support Services Division Student Equity Retreat
  6. Student Equity Library Collection
  7. Ethnic Newswatch Complete
    African American Newspapers
    African American History Online
    American Indian History Online
    Job & Career Accelator + Learning Express (loaded onto a common platform called PrepStep)
  8. Champions for Change: Cultural Proficiency Training
  9. HBCU Tours
  10. Direct Student Support

Student Equity-supported conference/workshop and retreat attendance for faculty and staff

  1. Minority Male Community College Consortium Workgroup meeting (June 2015)
  2. California Assembly member Jose Medina hearing on Diversity in Higher Education @ UCR (Summer 2015)
  3. Student Equity/SSSP coordinators training (September 2015)
  4. Riverside County Office of Education Multiple Measures Presentation (February 2016)
  5. California Community College League Student Equity Summit (March 2016)
  6. A2MEND conference (March 2016)
  7. Black Men and Mental Health Webinar (June 2016)
  8. White House Initiative on Hispanic Serving Institutions for Teacher Preparation and Diversity (conference calls and webinar) (June and July 2016)
  9. Multiple Measures and Student Equity and ACTPIS Conference (September 2016)
  10. Excellence Through Equity (ROE)
  11. Leading From Middle Academy

RCC Student Equity Programs

  1. Disabled Resource Center
  2. EOPS
  3. Foster Youth/Guardian Scholars
  4. TriO
  5. Ujima
  6. Puente
  7. La Casa
  8. Home Room
  9. Veterans- Fall 2016

Research /Evaluation Projects

  1. Part-time students’ Course Pattern and Their success and Retention Rates
  2. Home Room/Ujima Program Evaluation
  3. Multiple Measures Pilot Study
  4. Grit Institute Students' success and Progress
  5. New Science of Learning Program Evaluation
  6. ScoreCard and Proportionality Index
  7. English, ESL student Success and Progression rates by Gender, Ethnicity, and special groups
  8. Pathway
  9. Student Success Ratesby Gender, Ethnicity, and special groups
  10. Course success proportioanlity indices between Fall 2015 and Fall 2016