​Study Group Leader (SGL) Program - Math 35 - STEM

Please note that SGL Math is currently not available. Please check back as this may change.

The Study Group Leader (SGL) Program aims to provide RCC students free access to additional academic support for STEM courses. The current program allows students to attend study group sessions hosted daily by STEM Study Group Leaders (SGLs).
Benefits of participating in the study group sessions:
  • Free academic assistance available every weekday
  • Participation credit
  • Increased likelihood of passing your STEM course
Our Math 35 2018-2019 Study Group Leaders are:

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My name is Leilatou (Leïla) M. Nikiema. I’m originally from West Africa, Burkina Faso. I graduated from high school in June 2014 at Complexe Scolaire Sainte Famille, and came to the United States in December 2014 to pursue my education. I started my school curriculum at RCC in Fall 2015 by taking ESL (English as a Second Language) classes since French is the official language spoken in my country. For a long time, I believed that I wasn’t good in math, but it appeared that I was wrong. Now as surprising as it can be, I’m currently finishing my last year as a Math and Science major. This is proof that determination is the key for everything!
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Joseph Barnum is a SGL at RCC who helps MAT-35 students to get through the rigors of a demanding 5-unit math course. Prior to being a leader of the sessions he was a student that attended them. After a successful semester of Algebra and realizing that with the proper discipline and support any class can be passed, he decided to join the sessions as an SGL and assist students in a position he was once in. Joseph now leads sessions in order to help students on how to organize themselves to succeed in their classes. Through teaching good study skills, helping students meet likeminded people, and answering any questions about algebra, Joseph aims to help students get through their class. Joseph is a Biochemistry major who hopes to one day research some of his own interests either in academia or the private sector, and possibly looks forward to the opportunity of practicing medicine if he is also able to conduct research at the same time

Math 35 SGL schedule for Fall 2019 (Coming Soon):

For more information about the SGL Program, please contact Academic Support at AcademicSupport@rcc.edu