​Study Group Leader (SGL) Program - BIO 1 - STEM

The Study Group Leader (SGL) Program aims to provide RCC students free access to additional academic support for STEM courses. The current program allows students to attend study group sessions hosted daily by STEM Study Group Leaders (SGLs).
Benefits of participating in the study group sessions:
  • Free academic assistance available every weekday
  • Participation credit
  • Increased likelihood of passing your STEM course
Our BIO 1 Fall 2019 Study Group Leaders are:
Aidan VanGossen Picture Aidan
My name is Aidan VanGossen, I am in my second year at RCC as a biochemistry major. I hope to attend medical school and go on to work with the Peace Corps or Doctors Without Borders someday. I hope to help other students meet their goals, to help them see that they are more than their hardships, and to help empower them through academic success.

Carlos Orduna Picture
Hey, I’m Carlos Orduna. I’m in my second year at RCC with nursing as my major. I hope to get into a nursing program one day, but in the meantime you can find me running around campus trying to get to class. Biology really peaked my interest as health science major, but it was a difficult class to get through. I took advantage of all the resources on campus to help me pass my class. Now I have the chance to pass on my knowledge and strategies to other students. With that said, your definitely in the right place if you want to pass Bio 1.

Jessica Cocke Picture

Hey! My name is Jessica and I am currently in my second semester here at RCC. I’m a nursing major and future Nurse Practitioner! I struggled through Bio but all in all I loved it. Through LOTS and LOTS of hard work and dedication I successfully completed the course with an A. I love helping other people and seeing them succeed so I felt being an SGL for Bio would be a great opportunity for me! I can’t wait to see what this school year holds for us!

Kimberly Alvarez Picture
Hello, my name is Kimberly Alvarez and I am looking forward to being your Bio SGL this semester. I was a bio major but now I'm a nursing major so I understand the difficulties science classes may present. My goal is to help students succeed and hopefully I accomplish it.

Marcie Toops Picture

​Hi folks! My name is Maricela Toops but you can call me Marcie. My dream is to achieve a doctorate in microbiology and become a science professor. I started my academic career at SDSU and have continued my education at RCC since Spring 2016. I actually spent the majority of my life avoiding and disliking science. I struggled with every STEM class I took in high school! In college, I do still consider subjects like biology and chemistry to be challenging. Unlike high school, though, I had free resources here on campus like tutoring, SI sessions, SGL sessions, and office hours to help me. I discovered that hard work truly pays off. I fell in love with science not only because I learned so many interesting things about this world but also because of how empowering it was to master subjects I never thought I'd be able to understand. As an SGL, I would love to do the same thing for BIO-1 students and show you that, with adequate resources and determination, you could succeed at any subject too!

Royce Li Picture
Hello. My name is Royce, and I am excited for our SGL sessions! Biology is a very tough subject, and I am here to help you tackle and dissect the difficult concepts through guided activities. I hope to play a significant role your academic success.

About myself: I am a pre-nursing major, and I plan to complete nursing school at RCC. Coming from a big family, I have found joy in caring for another person. Eventually, I will be applying for medical school because I’d like a challenge. Hobbies of mine include gardening, exploring coffee shops, sewing embroidery, reading, writing poetry, hiking, and spending time with my family.

Samantha Subang Picture
Samantha S.
My name is Samantha Subang. I'm in my third year of college and my second year at RCC completing my prerequisites to apply for nursing schools. I went to UCR my first year not really knowing what I wanted to do. Then, I transferred to RCC when I realized I wanted to pursue nursing. I am so excited to be a study group leader, meet new students and help them see their own potential!

Samantha Velasco
Samantha V.
Hello, I'm Samm Velasco. I am one of your Bio-1 Study Group Leaders (SGL). I was originally a nursing major, but after I finished the nursing prerequisites I discovered a love for science and added a double major in microbiology. I hope to do biomedical or epidemiological research one day. Along with being a Bio SGL, I am a tutor and supplemental instructor for bio, micro, and anatomy.  I hope to help guide Bio-1 students through their journey here at RCC so they may be successful in their future endeavors. SGL is open to everyone and whether you find a concept challenging or feel like you have a pretty good grasp and just want to review, there is always a spot in SGL for you.

Biology 1 SGL schedule for Fall 2019:

BIO 1 SGL Schedule for Fall 2019
For more information about the SGL Program, please contact Academic Support at AcademicSupport@rcc.edu