​Study Group Leader (SGL) Program - BIO 1 - STEM

The Study Group Leader (SGL) Program aims to provide RCC students free access to additional academic support for STEM courses. The current program allows students to attend study group sessions hosted daily by STEM Study Group Leaders (SGLs).
Benefits of participating in the study group sessions:
  • Free academic assistance available every weekday
  • Participation credit
  • Increased likelihood of passing your STEM course
Our BIO 1 2018-2019 Study Group Leaders are:
Aidan VanGossen Picture Aidan
My name is Aidan VanGossen, I am in my second year at RCC as a biochemistry major. I hope to attend medical school and go on to work with the Peace Corps or Doctors Without Borders someday. I hope to help other students meet their goals, to help them see that they are more than their hardships, and to help empower them through academic success.

Heidi Picture Heidi
Hello! My name is Heidi Y. Ramirez and I am your SGL leader for BIO 1. It is my fourth year at RCC and believe me when I say I know what it feels like to want to give up and not want to continue my path here. I had friends who all went to University right after high school and I chose to come to RCC to save money and better my chances at University when I would apply again. When I first came, I was lost and did not know how to start college, everything seemed so new and different and when I would compare myself to others, I would get discouraged feeling I was not advancing as much as they were. However, one day, I had to accept the fact that RCC is a part of my story, and in order to make it out of here, I needed to embrace my reality and focus on what I needed and wanted to do with myself here. I had to stop the negative thoughts of defeat, I needed to believe in myself and I needed to seek some sort of help and guidance. I want to help you fulfil your utmost potential as a STEM student and beyond. Biology is hard, it is tedious, I get it, it is hard for me too, but with some practice and personal twists we can make this class something you'll never forget. You are not alone. I will make you dream BIG and even help you walk towards that BIG dream if you come by and allow me to. I look forward to seeing you smile at my SGL study sessions!’

Biology 1 SGL schedule for Spring 2019:

BIO 1 SGL schedule for Spring 2019 

For more information about the SGL Program, please contact Academic Support at AcademicSupport@rcc.edu