​Study Group Leader (SGL) Program - BIO 1 - STEM

The Study Group Leader (SGL) Program aims to provide RCC students free access to additional academic support for STEM courses. The current program allows students to attend study group sessions hosted daily by STEM Study Group Leaders (SGLs).
Benefits of participating in the study group sessions:
  • Free academic assistance available every weekday
  • Participation credit
  • Increased likelihood of passing your STEM course

Our BIO 1 Fall 2020 Study Group Leaders are:
Kaharu Abe Picture
Hello everyone! My name is Koharu Abe and this is my second year at RCC. I am planning to transfer to a 4-year institution to obtain a bachelor's degree in music industry. Although I am not a BIO major, I have taken different science classes from physics to chemistry and among all these classes I liked biology the best. Biology may be a struggle for some of you since there is a lot to memorize and understand, so do not hesitate to ask any questions or for help, especially to the SGLs! We are all here to help everyone pass their BIO class and provide resources that you can reach out to. I hope to meet new students and work together with all of you!! 

Marcie Toops Picture

​Hi folks! My name is Maricela Toops but you can call me Marcie. My dream is to achieve a doctorate in microbiology and become a science professor. I started my academic career at SDSU and have continued my education at RCC since Spring 2016. I actually spent the majority of my life avoiding and disliking science. I struggled with every STEM class I took in high school! In college, I do still consider subjects like biology and chemistry to be challenging. Unlike high school, though, I had free resources here on campus like tutoring, SI sessions, SGL sessions, and office hours to help me. I discovered that hard work truly pays off. I fell in love with science not only because I learned so many interesting things about this world but also because of how empowering it was to master subjects I never thought I'd be able to understand. As an SGL, I would love to do the same thing for BIO-1 students and show you that, with adequate resources and determination, you could succeed at any subject too!

Samantha Subang Picture
My name is Samantha Subang. I'm in my third year of college and my second year at RCC completing my prerequisites to apply for nursing schools. I went to UCR my first year not really knowing what I wanted to do. Then, I transferred to RCC when I realized I wanted to pursue nursing. I am so excited to be a study group leader, meet new students and help them see their own potential!

Sarah Saldana picture

​Hello everyone my name is Sarah, but I prefer to go by Ariel. To start off, Bio is hard friendos, but it is definitely not impossible! My goal is to help each and everyone of you by teaching you new skills, study techniques, and everything I learned from Bio-1. If you choose my SGL session, please do not hesitate or feel afraid to ask questions. My sessions are to help you pass and gain a better knowledge of Biology.
Even though I am not a Bio major, I have learned a ton from taking Biology with Dr. Tayyar. I truly became interested in science and did my best to work hard in it. That has gotten me to today where I am given the opportunity and the privilege of helping you pass as well. No matter who you take, I hope you continue your knowledge and take something from this experience. Let's work hard together to get you that A!
SGL sessions schedule for Fall 2020