Academic Support FAQ

What are the services I can receive in the Math Learning Center (MLC)?
The Math Learning Center offers specialized FREE walk-in tutoring for ALL math levels, and is open to all RCC students currently enrolled in a math class. The Math Learning Center provides a study area for students who are looking for a place to study as well as computer for classwork use. Whether it’s a textbook, calculator, or just a ruler resources are available for check-out to students with a current campus ID card.

What is the difference between Tutorial Services and Supplemental Instruction (SI)?
Tutorial Services provides academic support in a positive and conducive learning environment to all students through peer tutoring. The peer tutor focuses on the difficulties the individual student is facing.   We provide one-on-one tutoring for special programs; two-on-one tutoring; study groups; and tutors embedded in the classroom.  Tutorial Services appointments are appointment based with the exception of study groups.

Supplemental Instruction Leaders (SI) are required to attend every class session, take notes, and to exemplify model student behavior.  The SI is not one-on-one; SI is oriented towards group discussion, and many other collaborative learning techniques.  Typically, the sessions are for students that are attending the specific course that the SI is assigned to.

What are the services I can receive in the Writing & Reading Center (WRC)?
The Writing & Reading Center has faculty, lab aides, peer tutors, and reading paraprofessionals to help students with their English and reading lab assignments.
The WRC also has computers, resource materials, dictionaries, thesauruses, English/grammar handbooks, ESL workbooks, reading books, and MLA handbooks available to students currently enrolled in an English, reading, or ILA-800 course.