​​International Education/Study Abroad Program 

Serving students district-wide at all three colleges, Riverside City College, Moreno Valley College and Norco College, the Riverside Community College District’s Study Abroad Program offers an unparalleled international education experience. The District’s commitment to international education has been reflected in a wide variety of programs and activities throughout the years.  Semester-long programs in Dublin, Ireland, Florence, Italy and London, England provide students with an opportunity to make progress toward their educational objectives enrolled in general education, transferable courses, while at the same time developing an understanding and appreciation for international issues.  The District’s two-week Summer Study Tours offer  students as well as college faculty, staff and members of the community an opportunity to travel abroad on cultural excursions designed for all ages and professions.  RCCD’s summer educational programs in recent years have included journeys to the Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Morocco and Kenya.  In 2010 the Riverside Community College District was the first community college in the nation to offer a full semester program in China and in 2013, twenty-three students and three faculty travelled to Japan on a two week tour provided by the Japanese Consulate, again being the only community college in the nation to be included in this endeavor. 

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Program Philosophy

Philosophically, at the Riverside Community College District, international education is designed in its broadest sense to include all programs, projects, studies, and activities that encourage an individual to learn, understand and care about the world beyond his or her community and to transcend culturally conditioned, ethnocentric perspectives, perceptions and behaviors. We believe that meaningful “institutional stance” should demand that International Education not only increases one’s knowledge; it should also enhance one’s wisdom and affinity with humanity.   

Why Study Abroad?

In today’s complex world and competitive job market, the decision to study abroad may be one of the best decisions you ever make. Study abroad is an opportunity to learn from new or different perspectives, to absorb another culture and gain an appreciation for another way of life. No wonder most students who study abroad rate their experience as one of the most important of their undergraduate career!
Many of our former study abroad students have returned to their study site to attend universities, obtain higher degrees and to establish careers.  Our students are employed through throughout Europe, China and Japan.  

Financial Aid

Financial Aid for Study Abroad is available for those who qualify.  To check your individual financial aid status, please email our financial aid counselor Jana Gray at  jana.gray@rcc.edu. Advise her that you are interested in the Study Abroad program.   ​