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​            Student Employment is now located in the Kane Student Services Building within Student                                                                                         Financial Services
The Student Employment Program helps promote student learning by locating on-campus and off-campus work sites.
Students have employment opportunities consistent with their chosen field of study. Employers and supervisors are encouraged to provide work hours that fit within the students' class schedule. Hourly pay rates vary and currently start at the minimum wage (currently $10.50 per hour); however, some positions may start at a higher rate of pay.  California minimum wage will increase to $11.00 per hour on January 1, 2018.  Click here for info.
Students must have a valid social security card and picture ID with the same name in which they register for classes. Additionally, each program requires specific reporting documentation. Please view the links below for specific information on these programs.


The Riverside City College Student Employment Program is dedicated in providing students with meaningful work experience aimed at enhancing college and career goals, while providing supplemental financial support. We strive in building collegial working relationships with student employees, staff, faculty, and the community.

Important Notice: Information about the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and the new regulation AB1522 for part time employee sick pay are available in the "Students" section below. 
​Federal Work Study (FWS) ​Department Funded ​CalWORKs Work Study
     Students eligible for Federal Work Study

     may be awarded up to $4,000.00 per
     fiscal year. To be eligible students are
     required to: 

  •     Have completed the Free
        Application for Federal Student Aid
  •     School code for Financial Aid:
  •     Have completed their financial aid
        file and determined eligible
  •     Meet the Student Financial Services
        Satisfactory Academic Progress
  •     Maintain at least 1/2 time
  •     Maintain a minimum cumulative
        2.0 GPA
  •     Limited to 16 semesters/4 years
        of employment
     RCCD employment opportunities are

     available throughout the District and do
     not require the completion of the FAFSA.
     Wages are paid from a department's
     budget. Students must: 

  •     Maintain at least 1/2 time
  •     Maintain a minimum cumulative
        2.0 GPA
  •     Limited to 16 semesters/4 years
        of employment
     The CalWORKs Work Study program
     connects eligible CalWORKs students to
     entry level employment opportunities
     related to their course of study. The focus
     is to link employers to students who can
     learn initial job skills, maintain long-term
     employment directed toward career
     development while continuing their
     college course work and maintain their
     GAIN (Greater Avenues for Independence)
Students must:
  •     Be enrolled in at least one unit
  •     Maintain a minimum cumulative
        2.0 GPA
  •     Maintain eligibility with GAIN

​ ​ ​ PLEASE NOTE: You must work at the college listed on your admissions application for all jobs. Student employment is limited to a total of 16 semesters/4 years (with the exception of CalWORKs Work Study).​

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