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Application Process 
  • If you meet requirements and would like to apply for an open position, download How to Apply Flyer.

  • Departments that are hiring will be posted online, see the Job Openings site.

    NOTE: if RCC is your home campus, please only apply for positions marked RCC or DISTRICT.

    If there is a specific department you would like to work for but do not see listed online, you may inquire with the department to see if they are hiring.

  • You can apply for as many positions as you like or are qualified for.

  • Once your application is submitted online, the hiring department/site will screen applications.

  • You will need to follow up with your application status by signing into the Job Openings site and check the status of your application. If you would like to follow up in person, you may contact the department/site or hiring supervisor.

  • If you are selected to be interviewed, the department supervisor will contact you. If the department offers you the position, you will fill out a hire packet with the hiring department and/or Supervisor.  Refer to the hire checklists for documents to bring. (Hint: come prepared to your interview to expedite the hiring process)

  • The supervisor submits your hire packet for review and approval to the Student Employment office (this process can take 7-10 days if there are no errors and the packet is complete).

  • If approved for hire, the department Supervisor will receive a written approval from Student Employment and the hiring s upervisor will contact you with a start date.

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Please allow 7-10 business days to process hire paperwork. Do not start working until the supervisor has received approval notification in writing. The supervisor will then contact you with a start date for employment.

» Complete the appropriate hiring paperwork with your supervisor only if you've been offered a position
» Federal Work Study positions: use school code 001270 on your FAFSA application

Affordable Care Act and AB1522 Sick Pay for Part-Time Employees Forms and Information 

Frequently Used Forms


If you have any questions, you can contact us