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REMINDER: As of May 4, 2016 the Higher One ATM is changing to the Allpoint® network. To accommodate this change, the Higher One ATMs on Riverside City College, will be shut down until the update process is complete.
To find Allpoint® ATMs near you, you can either:
A.        Download the Allpoint®-Surcharge-Free ATM’s app on their phone or
B.        Go to Allpoint’s® website at www.allpointnetwork.com and use the ATM finder or
C.       Call 1-800-809-0308 and select option 2 for the Voice Assistance ATM Locator


RCC students will receive their financial aid disbursements via Higher One disbursement services.  All students will have a CHOICE” on how they would like to receive their financial aid funds.  Your options include:
·  Higher One MyOne debit card: Mastercard
·  Direct Deposit into your personal account (ACH)
·  Paper Check

All students MUST make a selection in order to avoid delay in their scheduled disbursement.  Click "HERE" to go to the Higher One webpage. 

How do you sign up for your disbursement CHOICE?
  1. Turn in your required documents listed on Web Advisor under “Required Documents by Year” for
      These documents can be turned in at the RCC Student Financial Services department, by email at
    studentfinancialservices@rcc.edu or by mail at 4800 Magnolia Avenue, Riverside, CA 92506.
  2. Once your documents are received, a Bright Lime Green welcome packet will be mailed to your address listed on Web Advisor from Higher One.  This packet will include your Higher One Debit Mastercard and personal code.  This card or personal code are your KEY to making your CHOICE.
  3. Use the card or personal code to log on to the Higher One website to make your CHOICE.  This card is not activated unless you choose it as your disbursement option.  If you choose direct deposit or paper check, keep your card and personal code safe in case you want to update your choice in the future. Click “HERE" to go to the Higher One webpage.
  4. If you are eligible for a financial aid disbursement, you will receive your aid based on the method you choose and our published disbursement schedule (see below).

a.  This does not mean you have been processed or are eligible for financial aid.  The card will not have any funds available until your eligibility is confirmed and awards are accepted.  Once eligibility is confirmed and you receive a disbursement notification email, funds will be available.

·  Lost your card or did not receive it?  See our FAQ below 
Higher One Information Center
·  Higher One Webpage Link click “HERE”
Higher One ATM locations at RCC and ATM locator
Need Help Signing Up? 
·  Visit us at the RCC welcome center for assistance in choosing  your Higher One disbursement method
·  Visit us at the RCC financial aid office for assistance in choosing your Higher One disbursement method or requesting a lost card (never activated).
·  Click here for available financial aid workshops for assistance in all financial aid related applications and programs