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Taking a tour of the campus is a great way to familiarize you with our college – both the physical spaces and the campus resources – and to learn more about what we have to offer. We look forward to the opportunity to engage you as guests of the college and to share with you part of what makes RCC such a special place.
Campus Tours Essentials

During the academic year (fall to spring), small group campus tours (1 to 10 people) are offered at 10 am on Fridays. The tour lasts for approximately one (1) hour. Prospective students, friends, and family members are welcome to come see our beautiful campus. 

We are happy to also provide tours for groups (11-50 participants) and will do our best to accommodate your request. Click here to schedule a group tour.  

We strongly encourage groups to secure a tour reservation first before booking your bus transportation, so that you can better take advantage of our available dates.