Dean of Student Services - General Information

The office of Student Services serves the mission of the college by providing support, leadership, guidance and resources to students, faculty and staff responsible for the delivery of services at Riverside City College.
The mission of the Student Services department is to professionally and proactively dedicate ourselves to provide a student centered environment that will enhance student achievement.
The purpose of our department is based on the foundation of student centeredness. It is our primary objective to facilitate the support services that students need to become successful.



Riverside City College Barnes and Noble Book Scholarship – Processed through Dean of Student Services Office located in Kane Building Room 201

The Barnes and Noble Scholarship Program is a book scholarship program set up to assist students with extenuating circumstances.  A book scholarship voucher can be awarded to students on a case by case evaluation. 

The Barnes and Noble Scholarship Program is available for Spring and Fall Semesters.  Riverside City College Student applicants may apply in Student Services, Kane Building RM 201, after they have obtained classes and have determined that they have exhausted other means of obtaining books.  Scholarship vouchers are awarded per student once each academic year.


  • One scholarship will be awarded per academic year.  The academic year runs from July through June.
  • Scholarships are awarded in fall and spring sessions only.
  • Students must be registered in classes.
    Scholarships are awarded to Riverside City College students who have designated Riverside as their home campus.
  • If student is already in a financial support program, they should first check with the primary assistance program and be referred to Student Services for the Barnes and Noble book scholarship.
  • Applications are accepted for a limited period of time.  Acceptance of applications begins the 1st week after classes have started and ends on the last day to add a class.
  • Download the procedures here
  • Barnes and Noble Scholarship Application

Riverside City College Emergency Student Loan Program – Processed through Student Activities/ASRCC located in the Bradshaw Building Room 207

The Emergency Student Loan Program is funded by the student services fees that students pay each semester.  Every semester we have student loans available for active, registered students.  It is a no interest loan and no credit check is required.  Funds are disbursed from an ASRCC account therefore it is imperative that the student requestor has paid their student service fees.  For Fall and Spring the maximum amount is $200 and for Winter and Summer the maximum amount is $100. 

If approved, it takes approximately 7 school days for a check to be issued.  The check is issued and available for pick up at the cashier’s window – located in the Kane Building 1st Floor.  We do not cash the checks on campus.  Students must accurately complete an application which is a two sided form.  The loans must be paid two weeks prior to the last school day of the semester the loan was granted. 

Nonpayment of loans will result in holds placed on student records that will remain in force through the cashiers’ office until the loan has been repaid.  If for any reason a student is experiencing hardship, the student must submit an extension request form prior to the loan repayment date, to the Dean of Student Services.  Once the extension request is approved it is forwarded to the cashier accounting office.  The extension will be in force until the date of the extension has expired and if the loan has not been repaid a hold will be placed on the student account until the loan is repaid. 

Emergency Student Loan Application ​ 

Downloadable Files (PDF Format)