Assessment - Online Orientation - Counseling

Riverside City College wants you to achieve your educational goals. The Assessment, Online Orientation and Counseling (AOC) process starts you on the right path and keeps you going with the information you need to arrive at your educational destination. Matriculation includes the following components:
  • Assessment (Testing) includes English and math placement tests. You can't fail these tests - they are designed to assess your knowledge and place you in the English or math class best suited to your skills.
  • Orientation introduces you to terminology, academic programs and student services and gives you planning tools you'll need to succeed at Riverside City College.
  • Counseling provides you with information on which courses to take to meet your goals - whether you're planning to transfer, earn an associate degree or career technical certificate. Your assessment scores is reviewed for courses recommended.

NOTE: First time college students must complete Assessment, Orientation, and Counseling before being able to register for classes.

How to Matriculate (in three easy steps):​ 

Step 1:
Apply for Admission. Submit your application to receive a student  ID number and password. If you are a returning RCC student, you must reapply if you have not been in attendance during the preceding Fall or Spring semester.
Step 2:
Assessment (Testing). This includes the English and math placement tests. Schedule your assessment test.
​Step 3: 
Online Orientation. Orientation is intended to provide informative, practical advice about the college experience. 
  • 1-2 days after taking the assessment test (weekends and holidays excluded) you must complete the Online Orientation on WebAdvisor.
  • One hour after completing the Online Orientation you can submit your First Semester Educational Plan on WebAdvisor. Please allow 2-3 business days (Weekends and holidays excluded) for the First Semester Education Plan “SEP” to be processed. The counseling department will send a confirmation email to your RCCD student email address once the SEP is processed.

What’s Next?

As a first-time college student, you must complete the next two steps of the Marticulation process using our online program “WebAdvisor” before you will be cleared to register for courses at RCCD.
  1. ​View the online Orientation and complete the quiz. The orientation is designed to introduce you to college life, how to read the schedule of classes, how to enroll in classes and informs you of the programs and services available.
  2. Creat your 1st semester Student Educational Plan (SEP). This will serve as your initial counseling contact. Once your submit the SEP, an advisor will review it and include suggested courses that you can select from when registering for classes. You will receive the reviewed SEP via your RCC e-mail within two business days.
Please note, prior to these steps:
  • Your RCCD e-mail address must be active. Instructions are in the Student Handbook​ and online via WebAdvisor.
  • You will receive a notice in your RCCD e-mail within 1-2 RCCD working days to let you know your test is on your student record and you are cleared to do the online Orientation.
  • To complete these steps, point your Web browser to and click the “WEBADVISOR'S” link on the left-hand side then click “Log In”. You will find the Orientation and Educational Plan link in the lower right side of the student menu.
  • For log-in assistance, consult the Student Handbook​ or WebAdvisor’s “Login Help”
  • If you need to use a computer on campus, there are open access computers for your use-ask a staff member for best location.
  • Make sure you have your assessment test results, paper and a pen or pencil during both steps.
  • After successfully completing Assessment, Orientation and Counseling- your online SEP- you will be cleared to register for classes on or after your registration date and time. Please view your SEP on WebAdvisor and use the list of suggested courses when registering for your first couple terms at RCCD.
  • If you have AP or IB credit-you must submit official records to Counseling.


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