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The Riverside City College Career Center mission is to enhance student success by providing services that will help students become active participants in the career development process. The Career Center prepares students on how to make informed career choices based on personality, skills, goals and values as well as providing access to employment opportunities, internships and a host of tools and resources.  


The Career Center provides opportunities for extensive career exploration and evaluation of interests, aptitudes, skills and other characteristics related to vocational and pre-professional planning and job success.

This includes:

shutterstock_265994051.jpg•    Career Assessments and Interpretations

•    One-on-One Career Exploration assistance

•    Career Workshops

•    Computer Access to utilize Internet  resources, eureka online,             researching majors, writing resumes, interviewing assistance,             researching occupations, labor market information, and                       career planning

•    Guest speakers from different career fields

•    Library of books and materials related to the job market, career           trends, and industry/government job information​

​Student Gateway RCC’S Online Job Search Engine​
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Employer Gateway RCC’S Online Job Search Engine​​
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CAREER CAFE.jpg ​The Virtual Career Center for California Community College Students
EUREKA.jpg ​EUREKA, The California Career Information System © Available to current RCC students free of charge. Contact the center for login information
O-NET.jpg  The Occupational Information Network, The nation's primary source of occupational information​.​
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Located in the 
Dr. Charles A. Kane 
Building, Second Floor

Hours of Operation

Monday         8am-5pm

Tuesday        8am-6:30pm

Wednesday   8am-5pm

Thursday       8am-5pm

Friday            8am-5pm​