The California Chemistry Diagnostic Test

Chemistry 1A has a prerequisite of Chemistry 2A OR one year of high school chemistry with a lab AND a satisfactory score on the California Chemistry Diagnostic Test taken at one of the Assessment centers.

Interested students must:
  • Fill out a Matriculation Appeals Petition in the Counseling Department at any campus
  • Submit official, sealed high school transcripts at the time the appeal is submitted
The student will receive an approval form which must promptly be taken in person to the Assessment Center. An appointment will be made by speaking directly with the person in charge of Assessment.

Test Format

This is a multiple-choice paper/pencil test with 44 questions and a 45 minute time limit. Books and notes are not allowed, but calculators are permitted. The Periodic Table of the Elements and a table of symbols and abbreviations are provided on the back of each test booklet.

Test Competency Areas

Compounds and elements, states of matter, reactions of matter, structure of matter, periodic properties, solutions, qualitative kinetics and thermodynamics, lab skills, and mathematical skills. To get a general idea of what to expect from the test, see the sample questions.

Once the test is completed, the student will be contacted by the Matriculation Specialist to know the results of the Appeal process.