1. Equipment and Media Deliveries

    1. Equipment

      The Instructional Media Center provides a variety of equipment for classroom delivery. In order to schedule equipment for delivery please complete a Multimedia Request Form either in person, by phone, or online at least 48 hours in advance. The following is a list of equipment available for delivery:

      Instructional Equipment
      Projectors Video Equipment Audio Equipment Miscellaneous
      LCD TV Cassette Player Screen
      35mm Slide VCR CD Player Easel/Pad/Markers
      Overhead DVD Player Public Address System
      Camcorder with Tripod Microphones

      Should you experience any problems with media equipment after it has been delivered please contact the IMC circulation desk at 951-222-8511.

    2. Media
    3. Media titles can be requested for delivery to the classroom along with the equipment necessary for viewing them. In order to schedule videos for delivery please complete a Multimedia Request Form either in person, by phone, or online at least 48 Hours in advance.

      Currently our system does not permit media items to be “reserved” for future use. If the requested video is not available 24 hours before the scheduled delivery time, the Multimedia Operations Specialist will call the faculty member to alert them that the material is not available for their class. In the case of adjunct faculty a call will be placed to the department chair and a note placed in their mailbox. In order to guarantee availability for a video title, the IMC recommends that patrons check out the item(s) they require in person up to a week ahead of time.

  2. Equipment Repairs

    1. Scheduling
    2. Equipment repairs are provided on a “first come, first served basis.” Please contact the IMC Manager to schedule repair services. Only equipment that has been specified for purchase by the IMC will be repaired. Equipment purchased by departments without consulting the IMC will not be repaired by the IMC and it will be the responsibility of the requesting department to obtain repair services.

    3. LCD Projector Replacement Lamps
    4. The Instructional Media Center provides LCD projector replacement lamp service on a “first come, first served basis.” Please contact the IMC Manager to schedule these services. The IMC will replace LCD projection lamps on projectors purchased by the IMC. Projectors purchased independently by departments must purchase their own replacement lamps. The IMC will provide assistance on replacing the lamp if the projector was purchased following IMC Purchasing Guidel​ines. If the projector was not purchased following IMC guidelines and is not a projector recommended by the IMC, the department in possession of the projector must obtain repair/replacement services from an outside vendor.

  3. Purchasing Guidelines
  4. In order to guarantee compatibility with existing supported equipment, the Instructional Media Center must be consulted before any equipment is purchased. Please contact the IMC Manager to arrange a consultation. After providing details and reviewing the needs of the department, the IMC Manager will recommend the purchase of equipment. At that time a requisition will be generated by the IMC Manager and sent to the department making the request. The requesting department will place a budget code on the requisition and forward it to the purchasing department. Once a purchase order is generated a copy will be sent to the Multimedia Operation Specialist and the IMC Manager. The IMC will receive all the equipment and the Multimedia Operations Specialist will test it to verify functionality. Once it has been determined that the equipment is functioning properly the unit will be tagged by Inventory Control. If the equipment is not to be installed it will be delivered to the requesting department by the Multimedia Operations Specialist where the equipment will be released with authorized signature. Should the equipment require installation please refer to IMC Equipm​ent Installation procedure.

  5. Equipment Installation

    The Instructional Media Center schedules equipment installation on a “first come, first served basis.” Please contact the IMC Manager to schedule installation services. Once equipment has gone through the purchasing process (see Purchasing Guideli​nes) it will be installed into the room specified on the requisition. The Multimedia Operations Specialist and Media Services Repair Technician will work in conjunction with the department and facilities to schedule a time to install equipment in the room. In cases of high room usage installations may be delayed until classes are not in session. After the IMC has installed the equipment, Facilities will be contacted to install any electrical outlets necessary for the installation. Once the electrical has been installed, the IMC will test all equipment to verify that it is functioning in the desired manner. The IMC Manager will notify the requesting department either via phone or e-mail once the installation is complete.